Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Zoobic Safari

In lieu of all the shopping and eating I could have done, I decided to choose life and family for my birthday. And what better way to bond with the parents than going on a trip? Now because our trip to Avilon was so much fun, it was only fitting that Zoobic should be next on our list.

Early birds
I invited my silly Uncle, my Grandma, my parents, sister, my boyfriend and Rene who served as our driver for the day (because no one else drive wanted to drive, hehe). If there's one person who loves travelling and just being downright game for anything, that's my Uncle Noel (I went with him to Singapore once and never regretted it).

We left at 8:00 AM and had breakfast in Kenny Roger's somewhere along NLEX. You have to try the  big breakfast with the huge schublig, it's pretty good and quite filling.

After breakfast we took the 3-4 hour drive to Subic Freeport, and were delighted to once again see some monkeys near the road. I know you're not supposed to feed them....but they were cute and I happened to have an unopened canister of Planters Cheese Balls in the car *hee-hee*
Finally, we arrived at Zoobic and I immediately got everyone VIP tickets. First agenda of the day: have our picture taken with the new Siberian tiger, Icy.

I swear to God that I was very nervous when this photo was taken. Icy is only a cub at 15 months, but that doesn't mean she won't swat my head off if she's feeling playful. And she was purring, oh my god, purring deeply that it scared me big time. I was seriously very thankful for the milk bottle.

The safari included a MuZOOeum, Forbidden Cave, and a tour of the tiger enclosure. Here are more photo highlights of the day (the complete photo set to be posted in my personal Facebook account):

Photo with an Aeta! He's doing the "rocker" sign! Cool!
Our sassy Zooper Tram
Dancing poodles..awww...
a dwarf horse
Don't wear yellow cos these guys get aggressive. No, really.
Feeding the tigers -- look at those canine teeth!
My Dad and sister feeding the crocs
You have no idea how powerful these guys are! I thought my rod was going to snap!

The weather was hot and humid, but who cares? Nobody goes to a safari and complains about the heat! I personally live for experiences like this. Next on our list, hot air balloons!


  1. hahaha what a big cat you got there kira!!!! ^_^ i love reading this post reminds me of my last trip to zoobic safari. i also had the chance to hold a tiger cub --- smaller than the one you got.

  2. Wow how lucky! There were no smaller tiger cubs available for handling. The tigers are magnificent creatures, their sheer power is overwhelming. Hope you had fun at your Zoobic Safari. Have you been to Ocean Adventure? :)