Monday, October 25, 2010

CPC+G, the IT whitening treament

I received these in the mail recently and I was excited to try them out. I wondered, how can this small bottle hold so much promise? What makes this different from all the so-called whitening products flooding the market today?

This product is called CPC+G, an exclusive product of Venus & Mars, the brand who introduced and popularized emu oil in the Philippines. It stands for: Clair Blanche, Papain, Calamansi + Glutathione which are all well-known potent whitening extracts. The formula also claims to improve the health of skin via added Vitamin A, C, E, potassium and its other mineral content.

So how do you use it?

Drop the required quantity into your chosen lotion, cream, liquid makeup, toner, etc. Follow the recommended dosage:  

50ml: 10-15 drops
100ml: 20-25 drops
300ml: 60-65 drops 

Dosage is less if you are adding this to products with other whitening ingredients. 

 Shake or stir to evenly distribute the CPC+G into the product. And that's it, you've just created your very own whitening product!

  • unscented
  • affordable at Php 185/20ml jar
  • potent yet suitable for sensitive skin (some even apply it directly to their face, underarms, pimple marks, etc.) 
  • based on testimonials from users, it does whiten effectively

  • messy -- I wish it came in a squeezable container, a dropper can also get the job done
  • there is spillage and waste if you happen to have difficulty transferring the contents
  • it is oil-based, it may affect the consistency of some products
  • expiration is 18 months after opening, so don't hoard as a little goes a long way

Based on my personal experience, I added this to my toner and my derma marks (or scab marks from derma extractions) were lighter in 2 days. If you desire fairer skin, I think CPC+G will be a great addition to your existing skin care routine. For ladies who have sensitive or intolerant skin, no need to switch brands or purchase additional whitening products as you can instantly transform your favorite toner, lotion or face cream into whitening concoctions.

Note: CPC+G was also featured in my article "The newest buzz on skin whitening products" published on ThePOC website.

Have you tried this product? Do you love it or hate it? I'd love to know what you think :)


  1. been using it for a far i love the texture,but cant comment on the effects thoroughly yet.gonna start my beauty blogger not long from now.hope to see u there.

  2. @Adele: Goodluck on your new beauty blog :) This stuff is pretty good and is one of their many bestsellers.

  3. kira btw,can it just be applied directly to the skin without mixing it into any cream or astringent?:))kinda curious actually..

  4. My sister applies it directly to her face and she has not experienced any adverse reactions. She has normal skin. I choose to mix it with my lotions/toners cos I have combi skin and I don't like applying anything oily to my face. We've been using it since December :)

  5. I swear Kira, every time you blog about an organic product, I end up trying it out myself! I just bought this to see if it can help clear my flea bite scars, which have been plaguing my legs since forever. I hope it works!!

  6. Aw..Gee thanks, Lauren :) My sister loves the CPC+G to bits, I think she's on her 3rd bottle. She applies it directly to her face and leg scar and it has lightened nga! I hope it works for you, too. Though the many times we've been together, I never noticed your scars naman!

  7. I hope it works on my leg scars, too. I always have a lot of them due to ingrown hair. :( I hope when my laser leg treatments are done, I won't have this problem anymore but meanwhile, I still have the scars to contend with.

    1. Also try their Bare it all cream (mentholated), it lightens skin din. Nakakatamad mag-spot treatment minsan and legs have such a large surface area. It's easier to apply a lotion na lang :)