Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Vanity is my favorite sin

A Vanity Mini-fair was held at SM Skydome last Friday, and I was more than excited to attend because I'd get to hang out with my favorite POC girls. Plus I'd get to meet all the other beauty bloggers that I only interact with online. This fair was co-sponsored by Project Vanity too! Woot!

The fair started with Ms. Pauli Genuino of John Robert Powers giving us a pep talk on how to improve one's posture. When I had a short chat with Pauli, fondly called Ms. Twinkle by PAL employees, she was immediately reminded of my sister who is a PAL Sales Rep and who looks almost like me (doi). Haha.

The Body Shop, one of the event's co-sponsors, also presented their new line of Eco-conscious hair products that are Eco-certified, biodegradable and environment-friendly. They also introduced their new Fall makeup collection aptly named "Smoke & Fire".

And then it was time for merienda. And the tough part was, since I was supposedly covering the event for ThePOC, I had to get up several times to take photos of what was going on onstage. As a result, I was the last one to finish my meal, and everyone was giving me a hard time about it. You know who you are! LOL. I'll get my revenge! *evil laugh*

And then we had to participate in a game. Oh that dreaded game where we almost won by a mile only to lose in the end. It was weird as we were verrry competitive about it (especially Bestie who was contesting the results, hah!)

Guys, please say hello to Nicole's awesome shoes! You likey?

The winning team went home with an Organique Acai Berry Food Supplement which I wanted sooo bad so I swiped Alex's bottle :p It's tasty stuff!

Next up, our very own Liz Lanuzo (of Project Vanity and Ukay Manila status) discusses how to level-up our beauty blog. Aaaand more photos of us pretty chicas:

Liz and Noelle
Liz and Ava
Alex, Me, Bestie, Lyn


  1. What's the Acai berry for anyway? I'm curious.

  2. Hello! Organique Acai Berry is a dietary health product/food supplement that contains a dense amount of antioxidants. More info here - http://www.acaiberry.org/. It's expensive that's why I really wanted to get even just a sample bottle :)

  3. it was so nice to see you, ms.kira!:)

  4. Hey Ava! You too :) See you at the next event :)

  5. anti-oxidant daw ung acai berry ^_^ i wasn't able to taste it 'cause my dad consumed it (sayang!)

  6. Tell your Dad we're supposed to consume just 30g a day (I think!). It looks icky and tastes like grape juice, which I do not like. But I've tried more yucky stuff like Chlorophyll and Wheatgrass tea. All in the name of health ^_^

  7. Hi there!
    I was at the event but I believe we were not introduced... sayang! See you on the next event!

  8. Hello Mrs. Martinez! We weren't properly introduced but I did ask Liz for a rundown of all the bloggers who attended the event, so I did recognize you :) I hope to catch you at the next one :)