Sunday, October 3, 2010

Smooth operator: Rediscovering translucent powders

"What is essential is invisible to the eye,” says the Little Prince. Of course we all know that while he was not referring to makeup, it is true what we do not see holds greater importance. Take for example skin care products, foundation primers, etc. which are technically invisible but make a whole lot of difference. Translucent setting powder is one example of a product that is not visible on the skin but the advantage of using it is substantial.

Translucent powder, also called finishing powder, is basically a type of powder that provides a natural and virtually undetectable finish. It offers very sheer coverage and is untinted, as such it does not alter the overall color of your skin regardless of how many times you touch-up during the day.  It is designed to set your foundation and concealer by absorbing the oil and moisture to keep the skin dry.

In our hot and humid climate, moisture is one of our biggest concerns. It is said that moisture on the skin will attract even more moisture from the air and this is where trouble begins. What setting powder does is it “locks” the makeup onto the skin and “locks” the moisture out. In other words it acts as a deterrent to outside elements and acts as a sealant to your makeup.

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  1. You know, I don't use translucent powders but I'm thinking of getting one --- I'll make baby steps, so I'm gonna start with the cheapest (Myra)

  2. Me too, altho I've used translucent powders in HS but in lieu of makeup (kasi bawal sa school hehe). I'm using it now as a touch-up/translucent powder. I should review it soon :)