Monday, October 4, 2010

The long and short of it

Sundays are usually reserved for the boyfriend and I. We only get together once a week seeing as weekdays + Saturdays are still quite busy days for us. So on Sundays we watch movies, hang out and leave our so-called diets at home.

This particular Sunday, however, I went shopping alone because the boyfriend had some really lame ass excuse for not picking me up. I hope God will bless his soul because I am quite upset at him and at the whole situation. Anywaaaaay, shopping alone is really not a huge deal for me as I am used to it. I like it when I can do my own thing with no one trailing behind me, LOL.

Here's one of my best finds of the day, I love it sooo much! *happy dance*

Topshop shorts (price withheld -- too expensive!)
Well at least no one was there to tell me that I couldn't/shouldn't buy it because of the astronomical price. Plus I got to eat what I wanted and roam the beauty section aimlessly. And oh yeah, please forgive the gratuitous belly button shot, LOL.


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