Thursday, October 14, 2010

Polka Doll

The only qualm I have about shopping online is that even when the measurements and dimensions are provided, the dresses sometimes still do not fit well. That's the difference with shopping in an actual mall, I can fit the items and decide if I really am a size 6 (my standard size) or a size 8 (on my "fat" days). It's almost always a hit or miss when I shop online especially since photos can be deceiving. And some sellers do not disclose the condition of the dresses, as such sometimes I am left to make do with frayed hems, stains and ratty fabric.

There are the usual shops I frequent like Ukay Manila and Playground Love Shop and there are a  handful that I just browse through to check what's new. Recently I discovered Paper Bag Vintage which just opened and had this pretty polka dot dress on sale. I tend to steer clear of polka dots, because too much can look clownish. But I thought the dress was pretty and the dimensions were perfect so I gave it a go. Normally I'd take the skull-printed dress, but seeing as I've got several skull dresses already, I passed and took the less obvious choice.

This was how it looked like online. Twas pretty cute, if I may say so myself. When I got it though, the long sleeves were too wide and looked a bit dowdy on me. The only smart thing to do was to shorten them and replace the loose garters.

And so that's exactly what I did.

I brought the dress along with another dress from Ukay Manila to the Alteration Shop in Sleek Avenue in Robinsons Midtown where I have my "suki" sewers. Two hours later, I got my dresses back and paid only Php 280. This is how the dress looks like now:

It looks more current and wearable. I love it! See, even if a dress doesn't fit well at first, you can consider bringing it to your favorite sewer for a slight alteration (or overhaul if need be) before you decide to chuck it and resell it online (which is what I normally do when I'm lazy, tee-hee).

Where do you have your clothes altered?
Do you like bringing them to your friendly neighborhood sewer for cheap 
or do you prefer upscale mall alteration shops? Do tell :)

PS: More vintage dresses over at my online shop, EarthlyDelights.


  1. its sooo pretty! i'm so into polka dots these days. and i think this dress is just perfect.♥♥♥

    i also have my ukay finds altered at times... but if i'm in the mood, i'd do it myself :D

  2. @Abbie: Ooh,just checked your blog and I am loving your nail art! I'm pretty new at this polka dot thing, I hope to read your entries on your polka dot dresses soon :)

  3. Great blog you have! /