Saturday, October 23, 2010

Oh. my. gulay.

In an effort to cut back on meat (check out my bucket list) and to hopefully start eating healthy, I've been employing this diet for the past month:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday = Chicken
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday = Fish
Sundays = I can eat anything I want

I've been doing fairly well, much to the delight of my doctor and parents. For my sister, well...let's say she hasn't warmed up to the idea. She is younger than me and can still afford to eat whatever she wants and not worry about the carbs and calories going straight to her bum.

The thing is, I've attended several family gatherings this week. And you know, when good sensibilities tell you to stick to your diet, a party isn't a party until you've had your fill of rich [fatty] food and sugary desserts.  

Diet? What diet?! *major fail*

Anyway, I want to point out the dish that stood out the most. I guess it can be good or bad depending on your side of the story:

Asparagus wrapped in bacon from Teriyaki boy
How can something soo healthy be soo sinful as well? Can you see the asparagus swimming in pork fat? Holy Cannoli! Whoever thought of this dish?

Sorry my dear asparagus, but I would have to pass.


  1. Ooooh Ive always been curious about that dish in T-Boy! Is it really good? :) Dietbreaker!


  2. Hi Shari! It tastes good, it's just that the bacon (with matching fat) is just too much for me. But I do love T-boy's Sukiyaki and tofu steak :)

  3. I think I once had this in one of the yakitoris in Singapore =) yum but you're right, it's not good for the heart.

  4. Anne (my friend who cooked at Liz's party) made this once! It was very tasty. :D

  5. Hi Lauren! It was nice to meet Anne and I bet her version of this dish is delicious. I loved her deviled eggs at the party. Btw sent you pics already :)