Monday, October 4, 2010

Hercules molts again!

Hercules, Gigantor's long time friend and partner (they're from the same beach), molted quite unexpectedly a few days ago. And although he has been buried for almost a week straight, coming up for air only once in a while, I never thought he'd molt again so soon this year (check out his last molting here).

holding on for dear life (you'll find out why a little later)
his old exoskeleton strewn across the floor
Awww...Hercules is shy
rolled up into a ball
hullo there!
rub-a-dub-dub, bathing in the tub
The other day I took the crabs out for a walk in the bathroom sink and absent-mindedly left them there for a good one hour. When I got back I spotted Hercules running around frantically NAKED! And then I saw Max (everyone knows Max is such a troublemaker) checking out Hercules' empty shell and trying it on for size --- to no avail. Of course, Max was shells smaller than Hercules and she would not fit in the shell no matter how hard she tried.

So I scooped up the very stressed and cold Hercules then put him back in his ISO tank along with the shell. Good thing he crawled back in after a few minutes as I was starting to get worried. Naughty, naughty Max! I've always wondered what I ever did to her as she always likes to terrorize crabs of all sizes. She's such a bad ass!

My Mom said, "Ang bad ng crab mo! Bagay kayo!" Duh.