Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dinner + Piranhas = FUN

I currently love what I do and the people that I work with. That's quite rare especially since I'm so picky with friends and am perpetually shy. Last Saturday, Marco and Liz threw a special dinner for close friends at Linden Suites. I brought the boyfriend along with me (sorry, forgot to take a picture of him) so he could finally meet my gorgey friends, hee.

I wore my favorite Ukay Manila powder blue eyelet dress and the off-white Shoebox flats that I got last week (it's currently my fave, I will be wearing them often, you'll see). Please forgive my pale and lifeless face, I was only wearing some powder because I came from a facial am lazy, haha :D

Here's the delicious food courtesy of Anne, her deviled eggs were my favorite! Yummeh! More photos below:

food, glorious food!

 deviled eggs are love
Liz, Lyn and Mara
Helga, Marco, Lauren
intently watching "Piranha", LOL
Lauren, Me, Lyn, Mara, Liz (Tanya and Alex, we miss you!)
now this is what I call pig out food!
As always, dinner with these guys always spell fun. And I'm sure my boyfriend got a kick out of the movie "Piranha", harhar. I can't wait for our next POC dinner!

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  1. wow ~ sounds like fun! :D
    how did u find the movie piranha? was it nice? :D

  2. ah kira i missed your cream puffs :(

  3. @Abbie: It's so bad, it's good. There were so much gratuitous nude scenes, LOL. I think the ones showing in theatres are edited. It's funny and entertaining though.

    @Lynx: Me too! I just remembered when I was in the car. I wanted to eat some din sana... ;p

  4. Nice pictures Kira! =) The food looks delish too!

  5. @Mara: It was meant to be shared, pero tinago ni Marco sa ref :p Sure, I'll bring a box to our next dinner :)

  6. Hai! Pahiram ng picture nung deviled eggs ha. :D

  7. @Anne: Yes of course! Thank you for the wonderful dinner :D