Thursday, October 21, 2010

Asian Twist Fusion Restaurant

Asian Twist is one of the newer restaurants located along N.S. Amoranto corner Speaker Perez Street, which is a good 10 minutes away from our house. This is the place I frequent for my silken tofu fix which I've written about so many times on this blog.

There's a huge twist sign upfront, but if you happen to pass by when a lot of cars are parked, you just might miss it. Still, I think that it was a nice touch from the typical square signs of yore. Some blogs have commented that the menu and flavors here are reminiscent of the now defunct AKU restaurant which has served us for many years, previously located on the exact same street.

A little side note: when I was in college I used to eat at AKU all the time. The staff (especially Carlo) was friendly and the food was affordable and delicious. *sigh* I miss that place...


The moment you enter you'll be greeted by the very accommodating and friendly Michelle, who always has a smile on her face and a skip in her step. Also, you'll immediately see the cake display and the dessert and pastries selection.

Asian Twist offer lots of space for family dinners, dates, and sorts of other gatherings. Why, they even have a second floor where you can hold private parties and business meetings. The only downside is, NO WIFI. Boo.

Now, on to the food!

I have been loving, loving Caine's Bagnet Rice. Seriously, with these huge bagnet chunks, what's not to love? The serving is good for 4 people, and when I say 4, I mean 4 seriously hungry people. Yum, yum!

Of course I ordered Bagnet on the side
Mandoo = Korean Dumplings
This is the Creamy Mandoo Soup which was really as creamy as the name implies, reminds me of my very creamy comfort soup locally called "sopas".

Japanese Chicken Curry

Their Lemon Iced Tea (not the bottomless one) is pretty good too! All in all we only spent about Php 965 (less 20% from my Grandma, hee). Pretty affordable right? I didn't order my silken tofu, which I regretted in the end, BUT I was happy that I got my fill of meat for the day.

Asian Twist also delivers for a minimum purchase of Php 200. You may visit them at:

Asian Twist Fusion Resturant - 101 N.S. Amoranto cor. (formerly Retiro St.) Speaker Perez St., Q.C.
telephone: 711-2248; 749-3878

Their menu changes every few months or so, ensuring that patrons come back to check the new offerings. Their current menu is here.


  1. Hi Kira! I love eating at Asian Twist too! The salads are wonderful (and I don't really like salads haha) =D

  2. Hi! Which salads would you recommend? I don't eat salads too...haha Were you also a fan of AKU back in the day? :)

  3. I forgot what they're called, but my family and I ordered 2 different kinds. I just remember them as light, sweet and citrusy (and not od'd with mayo). I think I ate at Asian Twist around 3-4 times already :)

    Wasn't able to eat at AKU then. =( Same owners kaya? - Trace

  4. Hi Kira, we really appreciate you taking the effort to take photos of our bakeshop, restaurant, food and even writing about the ambiance. We think it's important getting feedback from our customers. :) Hope you visit us again!

    Hello Peach Pink Sisters! Glad to hear about your positive comments too for our restaurant! :D See you soon!

    Thank you,
    Asiantwist Team