Wednesday, September 29, 2010


You know what? I sometimes get a little OC with my pets. I mean, dogs are a different thing. But hermit crabs? Oh man, I get so OC after I've cleaned and arranged the crabitat and they start messing everything up. I know, I know. Crabs are tank trashers and they do like to climb onto things and dig. But sometimes when the leveled sand is out of place, or they dig a lot and get sand in their food and water dishes, I kinda feel upset. And all I can do is let out an exasperated sigh and redo everything.

there's Max on the far left trying to dig another crater
Just look at these guys, trying to mess up the new sand with total disregard for their loving owner who just cleaned up their mess, took them out for a walk and decorated the terrarium (that's me, LOL).

Just to let you guys know, all the hermies are doing pretty well. That's Sparks with the Ninja Turtle shell complete with googly eyes. He hasn't molted yet though.


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