Sunday, September 26, 2010

Have you been to Payless Shoesource?

Ish and I got stuck in the rain while we were on our way to Cubao-X so we decided to drop by Payless Shoesource in Ali Mall. Ish was looking for wearable fashion flats that she can alternate with the usual 4-inch heels she wears to class. While I, on the other hand, was content with taking pictures of the warehouse-type store. Later on the lady guard shooed me away. LOL, such is my life.

The footwear in Payless would average at around Php 700-995 which when when you convert into dollars seems like you actually pay less (sorry for the pun). The styles here are not exactly trendy or jaw-dropping, but for one thing, they are extremely wearable even for your everyday activities. The store also offers accessories and bags.

Shoe trivia: I discovered that I am a size 2 1/2 (children's size) here! Holy moley!!

all the shoes are arranged according to size
rows and rows of shoes
the only styles in my size *sob*
Ish trying on some flats

I wasn't able to buy anything though, because I wanted to buy Suelas instead. Anyway, it's a good thing the boyfriend picked me up afterwards and took me out for dinner and frozen yogurt :)

His: peaches, kiwi, bananas; Mine: bananas, crushed graham, leche flan
How's everybody's weekend so far? 
Have you seen the new M. Night film "Devil"? It is insanely creepy.


  1. I am a size 2 in Payless kids! :( I noticed that the brands available for kids are different from the ladies', though, and if the ladies' brands had just stocked/made their shoes in a 4 1/2 or so... but I guess that's too much to hope for with a shoe store from the US, where people are generally bigger. :)

  2. Hi Kari! Same sentiments here. I am somewhat restricted to buying shoes from Aldo and/or Steve Madden bec they carry small sizes. Pill is a good local brand too :)