Thursday, September 16, 2010

Say hello to Sparks

Lately, I've been noticing that my hermit crabs have been staring out into space more often than usual, which led me to assume that they may need some mental stimulation to keep themselves going. Remember, crabs usually walk a mile per night, so being cooped up in a crabitat with just an hour of playtime (in the bath area) every day may not be sufficient.

Now since I have NO idea how to mentally stimulate a crab, I decided to take home some new crab "toys" (aka corals and shells) from Dakak that the crabs can explore and climb. Additionally, I decided to adopt a new crab which I got from Happy Hermits. My Dad wanted to bring home crabs from the beach (which was of course free) but I decided otherwise since I was against literally just taking them from their natural habitat. Plus I didn't want to get caught in the airport and be denied boarding -- which I really don't mind, being my crazy old self. But I wanted to spare my sister (a veteran PAL employee) the embarrassment.

So folks, say hello to Sparks! He's about the same size as Hercules but with a deep burgundy color. The moment he got home he's been moving around making friends, and he has not bullied anyone yet. He truly is a spark of energy in the crabitat. He is very outgoing like PP and readily comes out of his shell when handled. I believe he is one of my best purchases yet (after Max, of course). My Mom likes to call him "Turtle" for obvious reasons. I personally find the shell cute but I hope he outgrows it or decides to move out of it soon.

Speaking of Max, the little bugger molted thrice in the last 3 months! I am so proud that he is healthy and now growing at a constant rate. He is my favorite crab after all. In just a few months, Max and Hercules will be turning a year old with me, they are the sole survivors of the 11 crabs that I initially started with. Sadly, some died due to molting malfunctions, some were bullied and died of stress, some just didn't make it for one reason or another, and some were adopted by friends. The saddest part of all, Gigantor passed because his shell cracked from constant climbing (and falling), thus "overheating" him. I love all my little hermies and I have fond memories of them (you can check my old posts for more crab stories).

Rest in peace my little hermies *sob*

In case you're interested, I currently have 6 crabs -- PP, Max, Sparks, Hercules and 2 other little crabs donated by a friend who are all living harmoniously in the crabitat. Let's all give Sparks a warm welcome as he seems to be enjoying his new-found friends and the new assortment of crab food.

Hello Sparks! :D


  1. Ang cute naman niya Kira. :) may design pa talaga yung shell :D

  2. Haha, how cute! Did you get the shell for him or did he come with it when you bought him?

  3. I really love your blog entries about your crabs. Keep writing! :)

  4. aww cute shell. sorry to hear about gigantor..

  5. Thanks guys! Sparks says thanks for the warm welcome, and says hello back :) Yup, that's the shell he came with, googly eyes and all :)

  6. @Miemiemie: Thank you. I miss him a lot :(