Monday, September 13, 2010

Top 10 reasons why I love Dakak

My sister and I initially booked this trip for ourselves sans parents because we wanted to chill by the beach and not have Mom & Dad hover over us. We also thought our parents were so picky and finicky that it would be such a pain to have to drag them along to the beach everyday. Our parents are not water babies like us after all.

But then by force (!) they decided to tag along. And I thought this was going to be just one of those usual family vacations. Turns out, we had more fun than we initially expected; and the parentals, jump shots and all, were more game than we ever imagined.

In the end, we were happy that Mom and Dad decided to come with us because it was actually quite fun to have them around. You know what they say, 4 crazy people are better than 2.

So let's say that this turned out to be one of those cherished family vacations, even trumping my dear old Singapore (I love SG so much for reasons I cannot explain). We vow to come back to Dakak every year in September when there are no tourists and we can have the beach to ourselves. Of course, the trip wouldn't be possible without PAL's Independence day promos (a jaw-dropping Php 612/pax!) and our yearly trip passes. Heh-heh.

I think that everyone should book a trip to Dakak even just once in your lifetime. It's definitely not as busy as Boracay but just as serene and scenic as Palawan. We love how we can just literally take a vacation and RELAX without bumping into so many "tourists" and so-called party people.

So for you guys, here's a short list of why we love this secluded place:

panoramic shot of the beach
1. You can walk to the beach--literally! Unlike other resorts, in Dakak it only takes 3 minutes max (even less if you book a beachfront cottage) to get from the cottage to the beach or the pool, and the walk itself with nature all around is nothing short of amazing.

2. There are 3 pools: a shallow kiddie pool, a deep saltwater pool and a regular-sized pool with fresh, flowing mountain water. All pools do not have chlorine which is great because too much of it can cause breakouts.

our room
3. The cottages are quaint and very native/ethnic-inspired.

4. There's always lots to do -- bowling, jet skiing, snorkeling, trekking, videoke, cruises, etc. However, for us, spending half of the day swimming was already a joy in itself. The resort is FAR from civilization so don't expect malls, convenience stores, fast foods joints or any of that sort.

5. You are surrounded by nature -- one word: breathtaking. We trekked to the top of the mountain called "The Repeater" and saw the whole resort. The photo above was one of the most beautiful photos we took, but of course, the view is more awesome in person.

6. A+ for service! The service people (especially the waiters) are so warm and accommodating, and will almost indulge your every whim (within reason of course). Look for Cris (morning shift) and Zaldy (night shift). Also, they never fail to greet us with a smile. Be sure to return the favor by greeting everyone a good morning, good afternoon or good evening.

7. Cultural shows every night. The production numbers were impressive and the costumes and props even more so, think Bayanihan.

8. The resort produces and filters their own clean water since the island is cut off from the main waterworks of Dapitan City. Dakak Resort uses fresh mountain water in everything from showers to cooking and utilizes their own water filtering facility, reusing water and making sure that nothing is wasted. It impressed me big time and I found their system very, very environment-friendly.

baked oysters....mmmm...
9. Fresh seafood all day, everyday!

10. Privacy. Since it was lean season, there were only about 10-20 of us actual guests, and even less of us soaking the rays and hanging by the pool. I don't like crowded beaches because it stresses me out, plus I don't like to share, LOL. This was the perfect getaway, if I may say so myself.

For more info on Dakak or to book your own reservation, visit: Dakak Beach Resort
You can also book a PALakbayan tour.


  1. Wow, I'm convinced! I love beaches like that, but I've never been to Dakak. And that baked oyster picture is making me hungry.

  2. Never been to Dakak but the beach looks inviting!