Thursday, September 16, 2010

I heart Xanadu!

Here's some trivia for ya:

My Dad had a major crush on Olivia Newton-John and he used to listen to her music and watch her tours on tape all the time. Not surprising that he named me "Kira", after Olivia's key role in Xanadu. Of course there are also other more symbolic meanings to my name but the one that stood out most growing up was this particular musical.

When I was a little bit older, I listened to her country music all the time. Her voice was just wonderful. And Olivia Newton-John was so pretty. I later on watched the movie "Xanadu" then moved on to "Grease" where she teamed with a then svelte John Travolta. 

When I received word that a parody of the musical "Xanadu" was going to be shown in Manila, it was only fitting that I actually clear up my sked and watch it. Of course, I had to share the experience with Ish, who is more of a "Footloose" gal than a "Grease" gal btw, but loves musicals just the same.

The last musical I watched was "Hairspray" which I thoroughly enjoyed in Aliw Theater. Xanadu was no exception --- I had fun watching the Rachel Alejandro spoof "Kira" with her exaggerated Australian accent (Olivia Newton-John is an Australian in real life), Sonny Malone's short shorts (verrrry 80s indeed!), the evil sister's plots against them and Noel Trinidad who played the debonair Danny Maguire.

Overall it was a fantastic performance! And I wish my parents were there to watch with me, I'm sure they'd thoroughly enjoy it as well. And I wish....I was chosen as a cloud! *sigh*

I was ready to call it a night when...

a photo with Mr. Noel Trinidad! *faint*
....I bumped into legendary and super talented actor Noel Trinidad! Oh boy! I totally loved his performance in Xanadu! This totally made my night! (obviously I was quite the giddy fan in the photo, hee) :D

FYI, this photo was taken only 3 days after my tooth surgery, which explains why my cheek is still slightly swollen. But it was prolly one of my most memorable bump-ins EVAH!

the light here was just insane and terribly bright
Darla pink lace-knit top from Playground Love Shop
Bandage skirt from Space
Aldo fashion flats

PS: my top is so pretty in actual! I promise to wear it again and take a better pic!


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