Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hyperflawless skin: HD and airbrush makeup

When you hear the word ‘hi-definition’, one immediately thinks of TV sets which project larger images with 2-5 times the resolution of analog versions. In layman’s terms it simply means that the pictures transmitted are undeniably crystal clear – every pore, flaw, wrinkle will not only be visible but magnified. And no matter how we try to conceal them, thick and cakey makeup will also show through the HD camera lens.

To most this may seem like defeating the purpose of makeup. Isn’t the sole purpose of cosmetics supposed to make our skin look flawless?  Even though we are not celebrities and we need not worry about our so-called blemishes showing on the big screen, if we desire a softer and more polished look then the new HD and Airbrush makeup may be just right up our alley.

What is HD makeup?

HD makeup is different from traditional makeup because it contains light-diffusing or reflective properties that make the foundation flatter the skin. The light diffusers (usually mica, silicone, quartz or crystals) typically scatter light to create the illusion of an even finish so you can’t detect the flaws underneath.
Compared to the airbrushing technique, this employs a relatively easier application as you only need to buffer a small amount of mineral powder onto the skin to create a soft, matte appearance. For other brands, HD makeup come in convenient pump bottles and compacts.

With HD makeup, minor to moderate skin imperfections can be hidden without looking chalky. HD powders are also milled to a fine consistency to help avoid detection via cameras. They also contain mattifying agents to prevent oiliness and glare, as well as moisturizers to make wrinkles and fine lines less noticeable.

Airbrush and HD cosmetics are usually the makeup of choice of most bride-to-be’s because of its flawless finish, ability to conceal and camouflage imperfections while still blending seamlessly into the skin and looking natural.

What is airbrush makeup?

There are two formulations that celebrities and news anchors swear by: airbrush and mineral powders. Airbrush makeup is usually the product of choice of most professional TV makeup artists because it gives complete and flawless coverage. Applying airbrush makeup requires a compressor machine where tiny molecules of either water-based, alcohol, polymer or silicone-based foundation is sprayed through a fine nozzle onto the skin. These airbrush sets are quite pricey and it takes some time to get the hang of, so be sure to practice. Airbrush makeup in aerosols are also available in the market for those who would like to test drive this trend without spending too much.

Locally we have Glambox, Kryolan and Temptu that offer airbrush sets, accessories and hi-definition makeup. For a quick list of makeup brands you should check out, please click the link below:

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