Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Do you double cleanse?

I had no idea, not until I read Sesame's blog, that I've been double cleansing all my life. I had an oh-that's-what-you-call-it moment when I read her entry. Double cleansing was one of the things my Dermatologist taught us saying that it was a more effective way of cleansing the face, regardless if we have makeup on.

What is double cleansing?

Double cleansing means using two separate formulas/products to cleanse the face. Or simply, washing your face twice. Like for example, at the end of the day I use Cetaphil applied to a cotton round and give my face a good swiping so as to remove all traces of makeup. After this I wash my face with water, then use my regular cleanser to remove leftover grime and whatnot. Then I proceed with my skin care routine which is to tone, treat and moisturize.

Sometimes you can call it even triple cleansing, because if I am wearing water-resistant mascara which can't be removed by good old Cetaphil, I have to use a specific eye makeup remover then proceed with Cetaphil, etc. It's not an arduous process, mind you, it's actually quite refreshing. It's nice to have a bare and clean face at the end of the day, and I delight in seeing lots of dirt on my cotton after swiping.

Cotton Rounds OR Cotton Squares?

Have you ever noticed that cotton products are not created equal? I was so into cotton squares, thinking that they were the greatest thing that ever happened to me. With cotton squares I didn't have to unfold and flatten my cotton balls, which is what I normally do all the time.

Until I discovered cotton rounds. One try and I was blown away. Let me show you what I mean:

Cotton squares from Saizen Php 85/130pcs VS Cuddles Cotton Rounds Php 49.75/80pcs
As shown above, the cotton square is a lot thinner than the round one

The cotton round is definitely fluffier, more durable and absorbs more product

Personally, 2 cotton rounds are enough to remove makeup on my face whilst I can consume up to 5 pieces with the square ones since they tend to mush up and deteriorate faster when saturated with Cetaphil or makeup remover. 

And you can't go wrong with the price! Anything that does the job well and goes as low as Php 49.75 is definitely a steal.


  1. I love cotton rounds! I got my stash from Elianto a few years back in KL (bec it's cheaper there). Also, a friend of mine actually double cleanse with two different facial cleansers: one to clean her face and one for oil control. Couldn't wash that often though bec my face dries up.

  2. I double cleanse too! :) I normally use a lip/eye makeup remover, but I have cleansing oil for when I have a face full of makeup or really waterproof mascara (hello Maybelline cat eyes!). Then I follow up with a facial wash.

    I used to use Cuddles cotton rounds but found that they tore easily for me, or maybe I'm just that determined to get all the gunk off of my face :) I tried Cleene cotton rounds and never looked back. I buy them by two's in S&R where it's cheaper than if you buy it in regular groceries.

  3. @Kari: I know what you mean, the Maybelline Cat Eyes mascara is super duper incredibly waterproof. Thanks for the tip on the Cleene cotton rounds, I'll try them out :)

  4. It's only lately that I've started double cleansing. Dati Cetaphil lang ako and that's it. Now I don't use Cetaphil anymore, I'm not too confident about the Human Heart Nature makeup remover, so I use a facial wash after. As for cotton, I'm using squares now but I actually like cotton balls best so far xD