Friday, September 3, 2010

Chipmunk cheeks

Growing up we were taught early on not to fear Doctors. Having several professionals in our family (Dad and Grandpa included) and seeing them every so often just made trips to the Doctors seem like a natural occurrence.

With also a very neurotic and uber-concerned Mother (I am using the word "neurotic" in a good way), we also learned that early detection or early consultations can lead to better results in the future. I must also mention that the boyfriend's parents and older sister are Doctors as well, but I can't say the same for him --- he is terrified of having a simple blood exam done. Oh will wonders never cease. And for the record my sister and I have NEVER been confined in a hospital, so even though we come in skinny, teeny packages, at least we know we are as healthy as an elephant.

A few days ago, I posted on my Twitter that I had a Dentist appointment to have my impacted molar removed. Impacted molars are quite common on our side of the family, having small jaws and all. But what was quite uncommon was that the impacted molar came out in my late twenties, when generally they make their appearance during the ages of 16-25, hence the name "wisdom tooth".
Oh well. The tooth didn't really pose any immediate threat as it wasn't painful or anything. But what was the use of keeping a tooth that was practically useless anyway? So we decided to have it removed. I admit that I am a pretty strong woman and I have a high threshold for pain, but when I sat on that Dentist chair I could feel my hands and my legs shake. Maybe the air-conditioning was too cold, or maybe I really WAS scared. Surgeries are really not my thing. Nevertheless I decided to push through with it. I was determined to finish this once and for all.

Seeing as my sister had hers done 5 years ago and took all but 10 minutes, this should be a cinch. But no, God had other plans for me.

The first 10 minutes, which included prepping, injections and incisions, later on stretched to 40 minutes! Dr. Ogsimer had to drill the tooth and sever it from the bone to get it out because no amount of pulling sufficed. Turns out horizontally impacted teeth are harder to take out than angular ones, which was what my sister had.

The whole time I was praying that God would let this procedure finish already because seriously, who finds joy in sitting on a Dentist chair for more than 20 minutes of surgery?

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So finally, it gave and I am now impacted-molar-free! Whew. The whole procedure was completely PAINLESS and was well worth the Php 5,000 price tag. The only downside is, my jaw is currently swollen and tender, but nothing that a little painkiller can't fix.

thank you Google for the very accurate photo
I literally look like a chipmunk. With nuts. *I hear my boyfriend snicker in the background*

I wonder how it would feel if you had Hayden Kho or *insert crush's name here* as your Dentist. Having to stare into his pretty eyes for a good 40 minutes whilst seated in a very compromising-slash-embarrassing position.  

Would that be heaven or hell? What do you think?


  1. A chipmunk with nuts :)) hahaha! Reminds my last visit to the dentis had a wisdom tooth taken but not as complicated as yours but my mouth was 'wide open' and it would've really suck if it were my crush doing the procedure --- walang ka poise poise!

  2. hi! we have the same horizontal impacted tooth! my dentist said only a "few"chosen ones have them. hahaha!!!
    may i ask for your dentist contact number
    mine is charging way more than yours.
    i havent have mine taken out because im scared plus the price.

  3. @Kaye: Hi! I'll get back to you on the number as my phonebook is in Manila :)