Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sun Worshipping: Tools of the trade

Beaches are easily one of my favorite places in the whole wide world for the following reasons:

  • I can marvel at the beauty of nature
  • I am encouraged to do NOTHING and just chill (and not feel guilty about being "unproductive")
  • I can slap on sunblock and head on out the door
  • minimal clothing ('nuff said!)

My family used to come to Dakak all the time, as we like how quiet and secluded the resort is. We like places where we can just get away from the big bad city, preferably without the hustle and bustle of Boracay. Predictably, Palawan is another breathtaking place we frequent.

Inspired by Liz's travel must-haves (she is currently chilling in Baguio), I'd like to present my beauty loot. I initially had difficulty deciding which sunblocks I should take with me, as we have dozens lying around the house. Finally I decided on these hoping I can use them all up so I can buy some more:

Dermplus Waterproof Sunblock for Kids SPF 35 (smells like yummy watermelons!)
Banana Boat Baby Block SPF 50 (water resistant)
Beach Hut Spray-on Sunblock SPF 30 (water resistant)
All Organics Skinbrella SPF 30
Hamilton Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Milk SPF 80 (amazingly water resistant for 4 hours!) 

All Organics Feminine Wash
Prestige Cheek Tint
Indigo Baby Bug Spray
Organic Potty Spray 
VMV Id Monolaurin Gel (for bug bites, scratches, pimples, etc.)

And before I finally sign off for the day, allow me to share with you some parting shots:

a younger version of myself way back in the 1990's when we had our first Dakak trip (little sister peeking from the back and that's my Mom behind her)
with our Morbie Dolls

GAHHH.. I miss Mark terribly. I hope I can bring him to one of my trips soon :'(


  1. daming sunblock! hahaha.. truly a must have! :)

    I wanna do a blog entry like this too next time I get to travel. :D

  2. i love your younger version picture kira. it's good that you have kept your photos from before. enjoy your vacation :)

  3. @Mia: Haha, yeah. Lots of sunblock enough for 5 days of swimming. The Beach Hut spray-on is almost empty ;)

    @Cat: Thanks! I look so nognog in the pic cos I was a waterbaby :p See you soon :)

  4. this post makes me miss going to the beach... buti na lang am going to punta bulata in Bacolod this Oct :) thanks for sharing your travel must-haves ;)

  5. Have fun in Punta Bulata, Kookie :)