Thursday, August 12, 2010

Veggie Attempt: Beef Bulgogi + Silken Tofu

Eating more greens is included in my Bucket List and I chose to tackle this first because it would seem the easiest and most interesting. Seriously, I DO NOT LIKE VEGETABLES! I only have some if it's on pizza, in burgers, pasta or as sidings to my steak. What my Mom does is she chops them finely and makes creamed soup for me, or tries to "mask" the taste by putting butter or any sort of dairy ingredient, and then I would unknowingly consume it with gusto.

Otherwise, I just set them aside on my plate and stare at them hoping they'd go away. I am such a difficult daughter (tee-hee). So anyway, the plan is to do it slowly because I don't want to shock my tastebuds, go into relapse and abandon the idea altogether. My Mom doesn't know I created a Bucket List and so I am doing these all on my own.

Since I was having lunch at the nearby mall while Mom was having her weekly massage, I jump-started my veggie aspirations with Beef Bulgogi (only P100/bowl, crazy cheap right?) which is a Korean dish. See the beansprouts? I don't touch those things except if it's for a science experiment (who hasn't grown munggo in a cup of tissue in Grade School?) because they have a certain smell and aftertaste which I do not like.

the challenge: conquer the beansprouts
The beef was sweet and juicy, the beansprouts were anything but. Ayayay. The good news --- I was able to finish ALL the food in my bowl even down to the last annoying piece of beansprout. Hooray! I feel stronger now! Ha!

Later on in the day, I ordered silken tofu which I love sooo much and have blogged about so many times. I had a Tofu Steak phase remember? This time instead of going to Teriyaki Boy, I ordered my tofu from Asian Twist which is near our house.

I <3 tofu!
Ooooh....this photo just makes me drool. I love how soft the silken tofu is, contrasting with the crunchiness of the breading. Plus it is served with a salty-sweet sauce that is just delish. Asian Twist makes these for only Php 90/6 pieces and I can easily finish them in one sitting.

For those who live in the Sta. Mesa Heights area, Asian Twist delivers too! 

You can also visit the resto at:
101 N.S. Amoranto St. (Retiro) corner Speaker Perez St. Quezon City
Contact number: 711-2248 / 749-3878


  1. halu kira!!!

    dito na ako sa pinas :D bilis yogurt tayo!

  2. Cool! Jetsetter ka ha, I've been reading your blog entries :) Maybe when we have our next POC dinner, we can all have yogurt. I am so looking forward to that :D

  3. wow! the bulgogi looks appetizing. yum!

  4. Ah, so this is silken tofu. I call this tofu squares kasi, like the ones from Karate Kid :) I agree, it's the best!