Friday, August 20, 2010


As of writing, I am feeling extremely sad. Last August 16 I discovered that Gigantor's shell cracked as a result of his gregarious climbing around the crabitat. I theorize that he fell (as he always does) but landed maybe on one of the hard playthings or on the other crabs.

An unwelcome crack would greatly compromise the humidity inside the shell. And it wasn't just a teeny crack, it was a huge one. So I was greatly concerned.

True enough, Gigantor has been drinking and bathing in the tank more often than usual trying to fill his shell with cool water, only for the water to evaporate within the hour. Also since he loves to dig a lot, if sand gets into the shell his abdomen will get irritated. I have presented several shells and coaxed him several times praying that he'd decide to leave his old shell and transfer to one of the newer and more sturdy shells...but all my efforts were futile. Gigantor isn't leaving his shell for any reason whatsoever.

It's been 4 days and when I checked him just a few minutes ago (it's 7:00 PM and I just got home), he wouldn't retract into his shell and he looks rather weak. I separated him from the group and left him in the ISO tank with food, water, sand and shells in case he decides to transfer at the last minute.

No words can explain how sad I am now. Gigantor was one of my original not to mention strongest crabs. He just turned 8 months (with me) this August :'(


  1. I do hope he will soon transfer to his new shell.. :(

  2. Thanks dear. Gigantor appreciates your concern :)

  3. I was a bit surprised sis, i haven't met anyone with pet crabs. they seem interesting. sorry for my lack of knowledge about them. i hope he finds a new shell..