Monday, August 2, 2010

My Saizen haul

I had difficulty choosing "practical" stuff to take home with me. Even though all my purchases were technically FREE courtesy of the Php 850 GC, I still wanted to bring home pasalubong for my sister and Mom (yeah, freeloaders. LOL).

First item I picked up:

Pet sheets for P-nut! I thought I was getting something as thin as paper towels -- only to realize when I opened the pack that my Php 85 was well-spent! These sheets are absorbent and are similar to baby diapers but only about a fourth of an inch thick. Must remember to restock when it's Micki's TOTM. This sure beats having to make her wear those darn doggie shorts all the time.

Hangers for my Mom (she's been bugging me about this since last year). Sorry Mom, had to wait for the opportunity to get it for free. LOL.

silicone spatula
 And of course I had to squeeze in some sort of baking utensil that she can use when baking cream puffs.

sleep mask, compact mirror with brush, 4-way buffer
These are kikay kit stuffers, I bought the sleep mask for my sister. That compact mirror was supposed to replace my old Goody compact brush that's about 3 years old, Saizen's replica is a tad thicker though. And with my new 4-way buffer, my nails are currently uber shiny :D

Kitty cat stationery with 2 kinds of prints!

And lastly a cute fish soap dish and a mini static brush for cleaning stuff -- just because I'm OC like that :D


  1. I was so tempted to get stationery, too! But I wanted more items to feature on a fashion and beauty blog, so most of my haul were kikay stuff. I want that mini static brush, too!

  2. Yeah, I got the boring, "domestic diva" haul. LOL XD

  3. I'm so excited! Ill be visiting saizen today:) yey!