Sunday, August 8, 2010

My Bucket List

Been reading through former schoolmate Celine's 30 Before 30 Project and it totally inspired me to create my own bucket list. Mine doesn't possess such worldly aspirations as hers, but still it's a list I've been creating in my head (and has been gathering dust) for the past year or so.

So while I am in the mood to remember all those things I wanted to do before, during and after I got into a relationship and when I finally realized that I was living in my late 20s (oh where does the time go?). Here's a quick list of the things I want to do and learn:

1. GO AROUND THE PHILIPPINES. I've realized that I mostly take regional [Asian] trips, and so I decided that it would be nice to visit my motherland first since I can go regional anytime anyway. I've always wanted to see those Tarsiers and the infamous Chocolate Hills. Now's the time to do all those.

photo from Planet Zips
2. LEARN A NEW SPORT OR HOBBY. I've always wanted to try snorkeling and diving, but have been set back by all those "Jaws" movies our parents used to make us watch. Sheesh. I like the beach, don't get me wrong. But actually swimming with fishes in the wide open space that is called the OCEAN kinda freaks me out. I also want to zipline, bungee jump and be a fire dancer most especially. If I get to tick these off my list that would be awesome!

3. SWIM WITH THE WHALE SHARKS and touch them!!!! If Tina can do it, so can I! And while I'm at it, I should buy an underwater camera as well (or find out where to loan one).

4. SUPPORT A CHARITY. And I don't mean just donating money and letting everyone else do the legwork for me. I've been a "Mahal Ko Bayan Ko" member since April and we have feeding programs every week but I haven't been taking it seriously. Now that I have *more* free time, I can really put in some elbow grease and donate my time and effort and actually help. 

5. LESSEN MY CARNIVOROUS CRAVINGS. I'm a steak-and-potatoes kind of girl and I've been eating meat all my life, shunning veggies and all those healthy stuff. That is, until my eyes were opened to the reality of how animals were slaughtered for food. So little by little, I swore to lessen my meat intake and try to indulge more on fishes and veggies. I couldn't go vegetarian or vegan even if I tried (and believe me I've tried so many times), I haven't been wired that way unfortunately. Aside from the potential gag reflex, eating purely veggies just makes me want to consume more food and desserts as seafood alone doesn't fill me up just like regular meat can.

St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican City
6. VISIT THE HOLY LAND AND THE VATICAN. This is every devout Catholic's lifelong dream. My sister and I plan to bring our parents here before they grow old and weary. I cry just thinking of this...

7. GO FISHING. I wants to catch me a monster fish.

8. EXERCISE. I'd like to be a yogi or at the very least run around the neighborhood. Being naturally slim does not exempt me from eating right and exercising.

9. SAVE AND MAKE MORE MONEY. In short, be responsible. No more unnecessary shopping for makeup and clothes. And it pains me to write this but, no more unnecessary food spending either.

10. LEARN TO COOK FOR SOMEONE I LOVE. I have yet to cook anything aside from bacon and eggs (which is my favorite breakfast) and the occasional ramen during those midnight snack sessions. I've been to the wet market several times but I still do not know how to choose which ingredients or meat parts go with certain dishes. Still learning the ropes here guys.

11. LEARN TO BAKE DESSERTS and eventually take over my Mom's business.

12. HAVE A PICNIC with my significant other. I want to lie on the grass, cuddle, look at the clouds and talk about building our future together.

13. VISIT A MUSEUM or book a tour with Carlos Celdran and learn more about history.


15. BE NICE. I am sure all the guys I dated will agree that I am such a handful, and more often than not a complete brat and a bitch all rolled into one. Well, admittedly, I do have my moments. But being nice for me doesn't mean just being nice to people I know. It also means being nice to the cashier, the security guard who greets me everyday, being nice to any random person I encounter, to customers on Multiply who ask a gazillion questions, the list goes on and on.

16. SHOW GRATITUDE. I should learn to say "thank you" each and every time a blessing is given, or for the little mundane things people do for me.
17. GO ON A SPEED DATE. I've been wanting to do this ever since I heard that several event companies now offer this in Manila. Then again I've always been attached, BUT as soon as I hit singledom I shall explore the whole speed dating thing. I'm really, really interested in the whole concept and the thought of meeting new people-slash-potential guys, and so I promise myself that I shall do this even just once in my lifetime. Who wants to come with?

18. RE-LIVE MY DAYS AS AN ACCESSORY DESIGNER. I want to learn how to create with polymer clay, hand paint thingamajigs, sew plushies like my friend Ish and master gold and silver like my mentor, Em.

19. TAKE DANCING LESSONS. Because I think dancing is extremely sexy and romantic.

20. GO TO PARIS AND FALL IN LOVE. Or at least go visit any romantic city (like Italy) with my significant other. Mark doesn't like to travel (not as much as I want to) so convincing him is going to be the hardest part. 

21. FORGIVE AND FORGET. I feel like a chapter of my life is closing. And although I can be the sentimental fool that I really am, it is best for me to move forward. The only way to move forward is to forget the past and start anew. Plus, I've always liked new beginnings anyway. So Lord if you are reading this (and I know you are), bring it on!

What about you, what's on your bucket list?


  1. awesome. best of luck with this list, and hopefully it grows.

  2. I like this! Am looking forward to your posts on your bucket list, Kira! Go go go, we support!

  3. @Anna: I was surprised that many commented on Twitter that my bucket list made them feel sad and sentimental :(

    Thanks for the support! I'm starting/trying to be pesco-vegetarian now, hope I don't get sidetracked by, you know, steak and gravy :D

  4. Good luck Kira and thank you for the mention! What a great list!

  5. I have read hundreds of bucket lists and am surprised to have never seen "go on a speed date" on any of them! Kudos to you for a great list and being creative!

  6. Thanks, Annette! I was able to go speed dating last weekend! Will blog about it soon :)

  7. Hi there! I found your page through Celine's list. Good luck and have fun completing your list! :)

  8. @Simplyquely: Thanks for dropping by my blog :)