Sunday, August 1, 2010

Haven for all things cute: Saizen now open in Trinoma!

The first time I set foot on Saizen was May of last year at their flagship store in Galleria and I subsequently wrote 2 posts about it (check it here and here). The moment we got to the store the boyfriend and I got into a buying frenzy when we saw rows and rows of stuff on sale for only Php 85 each! That's right, you can shop to your heart's content without feeling guilty afterwards.

Currently, Daiso-Sangyo, Inc. Japan has over 2,570 stores all over Japan and expands by 20-30 stores a month. Daiso has approximately 500 shops overseas, Singapore, Canada, Korea, the Middle East and many other areas, and now, in the Philippines, Daiso will be known as Saizen – The Authorized Philippine Retailer of Daiso-Sangyo, Inc., Japan. This is NOT to be confused with the other Japan store that sells items for Php 88 and below. Saizen is the first and ORIGINAL Daiso store.

Saizen offers a variety of products, ranging from household goods to hobby materials, stationery and school and office supplies, plastic storage and organizers at the amazingly low price of Php 85. Nearly all the products sold in our shops are developed by Daiso-Sangyo, Inc. Japan. Saizen introduces hundreds of new products every month, giving customers great shopping experience.

Also, monthly thematic campaigns are done in store to introduce consumers to the many treasures each category has to offer while giving them a taste of Japan.

Here are some fast facts about Saizen
  • The word "SAIZEN" translates to “best choice” in Japan
  • Offers authentic Daiso products - fun and funky stationery products, toys, lifestyle products, quality fashion and apparel, home decors, Japanese interiors and ceramics, practical and functional household items, kitchenware and supplies, home improvement, gardening tools and pet accessories
  • Home of great kawaii (cute) items
  • And oh did I mention that everything is amazing at P85?

What I love about Saizen is their extensive selection of arts and crafts materials plus their cosmetics and beauty products aisles. Their neon-colored logo is a sure winner and that uber kawaii Saizen girl is always beckoning. So imagine my delight when we were invited to a Blogger's Tour at their newly opened branch in Trinoma! Yay! Trinoma is super near my place and now I could go visit Saizen anytime I wanted to *big smile*

I went with Alex of Reluctant Stylista and Lauren of I am Bourgeois, and as usual Alex and I were the early birds, tee-hee. When the rest of the bloggers arrived, we were advised that to give us a feel of their new store, the management would like to award us with a gift certificate worth Php 850 and let us shop around for a good hour and half. Yay! I believe my heart skipped a beat when I heard the magic words "gift certificate" :D

with Alex of :)
my Php 850 GC -- I was so excited to go Saizen shopping!
this "What's New" section gets updated every month
baking utensils (perfect for my Mom who loves baking cream puffs)
Alex checking out the cute erasers
I have a thing for pandas :)
adorable gift boxes for only Php 85
bottles of fab nail polish
must-try: the famous silk worm cocoons
Lavander fragrance sachets
Eep! A hermit crab paper clip!  *kira faints*
a Milk Tooth box for your little one
eraser golf clubs anyone?
cool magnets
mini toothpastes
fancy a pair of man boobs? :p
Lauren got curious and started squishing...
happily holding my GC :D
our Features Editor Noemi Dado
my Saizen haul
time for checkout, goodbye GC!
I shall write about my Saizen haul in my next post :)
merienda time! yummy!
for a limited time, Lauren, Alex and I will be on sale for only Php 85 :D
I love you, little Saizen girl :)
Thanks to the kind folks at Saizen (especially to Ms. Josette Salac, Ms. Ma. Cristina Puso and Ms. Angela Perez-Rubio) for inviting us to this wonderful event. Saizen has always been at the top of my list when it comes to shopping for practical, useful and sometimes crazy stuff (just check out the man boobs above) even when I'm on a budget.  

Currently Saizen has 4 stores with the one Galleria being the biggest (I highly recommend you visit their Galleria branch ASAP):   

Saizen Ali Mall Lower Ground Floor
Ali Mall, Araneta Center, Quezon City 
(02)911 5745  

Saizen Galleria 3rd Level, East Wing
Robinsons Galleria, Quezon City 
(02) 395 2053 / (02) 395 2831  

Saizen Marquee 3rd Level, Marquee Mall
Angeles City, Pampanga 
(045) – 304 1130
Saizen Trinoma Level 1 (Inside True Value)
TriNoma, Quezon City    

Saizen Pavilion Mall (September 2010) 
Ground Level, Pavilion Mall, Biñan, Laguna


  1. i kinda like saizen.
    i like their cute erasers :)