Saturday, August 28, 2010

Go Ballistic! Lush now open in Trinoma

Have you heard of Lush? Or maybe a more appropriate question is, have YOU entered Lush? Admittedly for past few years of Lush's existence in the Philippines, I've steered clear of the Lush stores because of its overly perfumed products. I could literally smell a Lush store from a few feet way -- I mean, who hasn't?

BUT I wasn't ready to throw in the towel just yet as I've been getting mighty curious about their offerings. Their famous Ballistics and fizzy Bath Bombs have received praises from various users, though I found those extremely fragrant and caused me to sneeze every so often. Maybe their skin care line holds more promise.

Surprisingly, their newly opened Trinoma branch (they just opened August 5) wasn't as ridiculously perfumey like the others, and so I happily stepped in and browsed their products for the first time in my entire life.

toners, moisturizers, lip balms, etc. 
solid shampoos and other delicious bars (they look like huge macarons, don't they?)
these are the famous Ballistics and Bath Bombs that fizz in the tub!
ooooh...glitter bars :)
I got a Tea Tree Water toner for myself

I purchased the Tea Tree Water toner (Php 575/250g) which is a mild antiseptic spray best for oily and troubled skin. I'll write a thorough review on this in the coming months but let me tell you that it is working well with my skin so far.

The Lush Trinoma branch doesn't have the full selection of the others store yet as they are relatively new. I am currently eyeing Herbalism (photo at right) which is a soft, putty-like herbal cleanser for oily skin.

Let me tell you, however, that although Lush uses all natural herbal and VEGAN (very important!) ingredients in all their products, I do not consider them entirely organic or entirely natural. Some of their items contain methylparaben, perfume and SLS. And although I do promote organic and natural products and try to make the green choice all the time, I realize that it is quite unrealistic and impractical of me to require this from all products in the market. I HAVE to bend the rules every once in a while.

Furthermore, as long as these "chemical" ingredients are used in small doses and are of food-grade quality (read: safe synthetic ingredients), I personally do not find them harmful to our skin and well-being. Of course this is entirely my opinion and your beliefs may be different from mine (you can do further research on specific chemical ingredients here).

So there you have it. If you live in the Quezon City area and are dying to get your hands on some Lush stuff, take a beeline to their Trinoma branch (3rd floor near Landmark) and check out their wonderful freshly made bath and skin care products.

Have you purchased anything from Lush? 
Care to share your favorite Lush products? :)

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  1. I've been using one of lush's facial soaps (the one for acne prone skin) and I love it! It serves as a facial scrub as well. I wanna try their hair products soon, but am looking for reviews first

  2. Are you referring to Coalface? :)

  3. Haha I agree, you can smell Lush miles away. :)) I was kinda thinking they're overpriced, though. But lemme know how the stuff that should be working for oily skin goes, as you know, I'm always interested in that, haha!

  4. @Alex: I'm interested to know which [skin care] products you use as well! You should blog about that :)

  5. I've tried Herbalism and honestly, it's kinda crappy compared to Angels on Bare Skin and Dark Angels. If you have overtly oily skin, I suggest Dark Angels. I use it 2x a week and Angels on Bare skin once a week. For daily use, I use Coalface.

    I have very oily and acne prone skin and I live US South which is very humid during the summer. This is the first time my skin has cleared up (in the summer) since using all 3 of these products.

  6. Hi Nikita! Thank you for the recommendations, I'll check them out this weekend! I was initially drawn to Herbalism but was turned off by the smell. It's pretty humid in Manila too, even during the holiday season :)