Thursday, August 5, 2010

Crab updates: good news & bad news

Hey guys!

I haven't been updating my blog on crab stuff because there were just too many things going on in the crabitat. You have no idea how complicated hermit crabs can be...and I used to think they just possessed primitive minds. Anyway, I am getting ahead of myself.

First up, the good news:

  • Hercules molted on July 31! It's his first ever molt with me and I was so relieved. It took him almost 3 weeks to prepare and during those times he's been burrowing and resurfacing trying to look for the perfect spot. He has a lovely jet black color now, far from the drab gray of last month. 
  • Max molted too! It's his 3rd this year. The odd thing is, according to my books she last molted on June 3, and then molted again on July 31. I thought small crabs were supposed to molt every 3-4 months but I guess Max was growing so fast she had to shed her old skin again. Yay!
  • Carmine molted on July 24. Yup, the moment I got back from vacation I discovered that he (checked the gender already last week) had just molted. I was delighted. 

And now on to the bad news:

pretty Carmine

Carmine passed away on July 31. I discovered that he was attacked by one of the bigger crabs and one of his legs was injured. The fishy smell attracted the crabs all the more and both PP and Gigantor wanted to either "eat" him in his freshly molted state or at the very least take ownership of his shell.

After discovering his injury I transferred Carmine to one of the ISO tanks to rest. He later on abandoned his shell, submerged himself in the saltwater and died. This happened within 24 hours of his injury. Up to this day, Gigantor is still scouring the crabitat in search of Carmine. I think I may have to deep clean the crabitat to get rid of any crab scents that Carmine may have left.

After that incident I have considered purchasing a more active and aggressive Strawberry crab, as from the start Carmine was just too timid. But I decided I may have to hold off on introducing new friends to my crabs as it might disrupt the natural order of things. I think to survive in my crabitat, you have to have a strong personality or at least be able to take strong personalities.

This is the current hierarchy as I've observed in the tank:

PP  >>  Gigantor  >>  Hercules  >>  Max  >>  2 smaller unnamed crabs

So needless to say, it has been a very sad week for all of us as we all hoped that Carmine would survive with us longer but the other hermit crabs decided otherwise.


  1. Waaah! I shouldn't have read this, I have a really soft spot for animals and I get sincerely affected by sad pet news. My ex used to tease me I feel more sympathetic with animals than I normally do with real people and I couldn't really disagree with him. =/

    RIP Carmine. :(

  2. Awww. It's so generous of you to give so much time and attention to these little creatures. And my condolences to Carmine, I share your pain. I had a mini-lobster once. After he shed his old skin off, he died. He stopped moving. I dont know what happened but it did happen. :(

    anyway, I saw hermit crabs being sold at SM. :) haha they are so adorable.

  3. Thanks for the condolences guys, he's in crab heaven now :'(

    @Alex: I can't imagine how I will deal when my beloved Chihuahua passes, he's now 7 years old. I'd prolly mope in my house for a week! Do you sleep beside your pets too?

    @Antipahtika: Thank you, dear and my condolences to your little guy. Where do you get mini lobsters (not that I plan on getting one)? I never knew you could keep those as pets.

  4. I do pero pag bagong ligo lang. :)) When she was in the condo with me last year, walang choice kasi she'd just climb over the divisions so she snuggled next to me every night. 'Pag wala ako, 2nd choice nya sister ko. Napaka picky ni Kirara sa humans nya eh :))

  5. Oh no! Poor Carmine. :( I always feel bad when pets die.

  6. awww, the crabs are so cute! where do you buy them! there are loads of hermits in Baler (ok, just sharing). :)

  7. Hi Kookie! I troll your blog every once in a while (tee-hee). Thanks for the tip, some of my hermies are from the province too. You can get your own hermit crab pet from, they have several stores around the metro :)