Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Caveman & Yeti: The best shaved ice in this age!

Let's all deviate from the trend of frozen yogurts shall we?

The moment I passed by the shop, I was smitten. That furry adorable creature outside was just beckoning. Who can resist a Yeti that looked like that? It looked like it just jumped out of a doodle page. Even though I was full from lunch, the store was much too intriguing and cute to pass up. Good thing I was on blog duty and I had my trusty camera with me.

The shop is comprised of two main characters:

Caveman & Yeti serves Yeti Shaved Snow which is a sweet, frozen dessert that gets its uniqueness from the smooth and light texture of its flavored ice. Popular in countries abroad like Singapore, Hongkong, Taiwan, and the USA, the dessert now has Pinoy twists and toppings like sweet corn and choco-peanut. You can enjoy its many variations - especially the flavors of the season - with filling mochi buns.

Choose from their flavored shaved snow (Vanilla and Peanut) and then top with your choice of fruits, sweets, cereals, syrup, etc. Think of it as similar to Ice Monster but waaay cooler. You'll see later on that the interiors are just really amazing. This is prolly the closest thing to real snow in the Philippines so I must indulge.  

(Kira wonders if she can buy loads of shaved snow and make snow angels...)

Crazy Yeti Menu
They have several bestsellers listed under the Caveman Creations such as the Banana Choco, Strawberry Heart, Choco Nilla, Mais con Yeti, Ube Mungster, Choco Nutty, Choco Nutty and Banana Nut.

And you can also check out their Sesame Mochi Buns for only Php 28 each:

So how is a Yeti Shaved Snow Bowl made?

Step 1: shave the flavored ice
choose toppings: mallows, candies, cookies, cereals, etc.
more toppings: fruits, crushed graham, syrup, etc.
For my Banana Choco Shaved Snow Bowl: drizzle some chocolate syrup on vanilla snow
add some sweet bananas
Ta-daah! My Banana Choco Shaved Snow Bowl! :)

For a regular 125g bowl priced at only Php 68, this dessert treat was so sulit!

Now check out the really cute and icy interiors (pun intended):

*gasp* prehistoric Caveman paintings!
those stalactite replicas are aha-mazing :D

Can't get enough of their Shaved Snow Bowls? Then join their TALLEST TOWER promo, who knows you might win a Yeti. I mean, you might win a FREE Shaved Snow Bowl for the rest of your life:

I surely want to work this contraption next time
the very accommodating staff
and a parting shot of me and my silly Mother. I wanted to be the Yeti. Boo. 
Mom, can I get a Yeti for Christmas??? :D

So what do you think, will Shaved Snow rule over Frozen Yogurt this year? 

Visit Caveman & Yeti at the 3/f of SM North Edsa (main mall), Quezon City
For more info visit http://www.cavemanandyeti.com/


  1. Will definitely check this out. I'm a fan of flavored ice, too! Hehehe :D

    Pero ingat lang din, cos you know what happened to us the last time we indulged. Wooohoo! xD

  2. I may to hold off on froyos for a while, I got scared tuloy. Im not a fan of shaved ice, I didn't even like Ice Monster, but the Yeti is so cute kasi. Haha. Now I might consider having dessert here in lieu of that yogurt shop :p

  3. oh, i saw this when i went to SM North last week! now i'm even more curious. i chew ice on its own, so i'm most probably going to like this. i doubt it'll trump the frozen yogurt trend tho!

    boat ride through the sky

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  5. oh i wanna try that ^_^ i love flavored ice hehehe

  6. I had no idea flavored ice was so popular! I should hang out with you guys more often. Alex and I are such frozen yogurt fans kasi ^_^

  7. Yum! I'm craving flavored ice now, haven't had it in SO long!

  8. Hello Could I Have That, thanks for visiting my blog. Hope you get your flavored ice fix soon :)

  9. Hi Kira! :)

    Thanks for the really entertaining, informative, and fun post! you may now enjoy your lifetime 10% discount at Caveman & Yeti. See you soon! :)

  10. @Yeti: OMG OMG OMG! Thank you soo much!!! And I hope the staff was able to read my blog because I promised I'd post their pics :D If ever you have a Yeti mascot, I'd love to have a photo op :)