Friday, August 6, 2010

My Bobbi Brown Makeover

Lanie (MUA of Bobbi Brown at Rustan's Shangri-la) texted me last week that the new Treatment Lip Shines have arrived and that I was due for a makeover. I was so lemming the Pink Glisten Lip Shine (review to follow) and I really couldn't wait to get my hands on it and check out the other colors as well. I immediately dragged Cat (my faithful bazaar partner) and Marga(ga) so that I may share the makeover with them and get to try out the Lip Shines for free :D

First up, Marga! She is a 24-year-old PR executive-slash-triathlete who doesn't mess with makeup or skin care but can seriously kick ass (if she were not my friend I'd be scared of her. Kidding!).

Marga has perfect caramel-colored skin. I am envious...
Lanie working her magic
applying mascara
tadaaah! Marga is smokin'! Her natural curls are just fab too!

Next, Cat! Cat has been my longtime bazaar-cum-business partner. A pre-school teacher by profession, she loves crafts and does not look a day over 30 (am I right, Cat?) She prefers very minimal makeup as she is always on the go. Cat really insisted that Lanie apply as minimal makeup as possible as she was taking the MRT today and didn't want to look too made up.

Cat being coy...she does not want to have her picture taken
contouring the brows
Her eyes are more defined now! I love it!
And now it's my turn! Hello I am Kira and I am addicted to shopping and good food. (Everyone says: Hi Kira!) Seriously, I like makeovers, and so I was dying to sit on that makeup chair. I need a little help with my small Asian eyes, thank you very much.

this is how I look like sans tinted moisturizer and powder
emphasizing my eyes
well hello there! I've got pretty peepers!

And here are more pictures of us happy campers:

with Marga Deona
with Marga Deona and Cat Limson
Cat & Marga with MUA Lanie
Thank you Ms. Lanie :)
Thank you Ms. Lanie for accommodating us! We had LOTS of fun! 

I'll be back in September (hopefully still with Marga and Cat) for the launch of the  
Denim & Rose Collection so stay tuned for that :)


  1. Ay I remember Lanie! She made me up before during my counter visit. She's suuuper nice.

    I like Bobbi Brown makeup, but its expensive. :( the lip gloss and lipstick they gave me though have become staples in my routine so i guess theyre things i wouldnt mind purchasing when i run out.

  2. well thats weird though. when she made me over (with the help of the head makeup artist of BB) she was in Rustans Makati. wala lang lol

  3. Hi Liz! She's so nice nga :D The Treatment Lip Shine would be would be my first ever Bobbi Brown purchase. I like that it has SPF and the color pay-off is pretty ok. I just don't like the shimmers tho, I think I am so over shimmers na :)

  4. I love your eye makeup here! It really opened up your eyes. Do that everyday na! :D

  5. @Alex: Oo nga..I've been meaning to but I have to buy eyeshadows, brushes, the whole enchilada. That should be my project before the year know, to learn how to do my own eye makeup ^_^ I also love what Lanie did to my brows because it's perfectly accentuated without looking too strong. I should go back for a step by step tutorial :D

  6. pretty, pretty eye make up!:)

  7. Thank you, Meedge, I think so too :)