Friday, July 16, 2010

A visit to the lovely Paterno home

Remember Pansy from the first Gibo event I attended? Well we've become very close friends with her and when the campaign period was nearing its end, I felt very nostalgic and started to worry about her. I have a soft spot for Grandmas, especially those who have some sort of history to them (pardon the pun).

Pansy has been active in the campaign trail since forever, she's also a member of CWP (Concerned Women of the Philippines) and MKBK (Mahal Ko Bayan Ko). Man, you gotta admire the strength and stamina of old people, Pansy can walk fast and chant as loud as an 18-year-old, and she is already turning 80 this year!

So anyway,we decided to visit her a few weeks ago at her lovely home in San Juan. I love, love old houses (I currently live in one). Pansy was just delighted that we came over for a visit. Here are some pics for you guys:

What a true hostess! Pansy was more than happy to tell us about the history of the house pre and post-war.

The first thing we said when we saw the lily pads?! Plants vs Zombies!

It's merienda time!

the Paterno siblings

We left Pansy a fruit basket and promised to visit her every month. How about you, how often do you visit your grandparents? :)


  1. Wow! She is truly an admirable person. More people should be like her.
    LOL @ the Plants VS Zombies Lillypads thing. :))

  2. Hi Mia! She is the most gracious lady I have ever met :)