Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Spotted: Little Christian w/ his big crab

Little Christian from next door showed me his newly purchased [native] hermies this afternoon. I reckon he got these from the nearby wet market where hermies go for a measly Php 5 to Php 150 depending on the size. They are literally picked off the beach (sad I know) somewhere up North, and then shipped over for selling.

I'm going out on a limb here by saying that keeping small to medium-sized hermies are acceptable (for me anyway), but keeping humongous ones are just insane. I pity the big ones because these guys should be out procreating and making more crabs, but instead they are sold as pets...and unfortunately die soon after due to improper care or mishandling.

This guy was just really big and heavy, and may be experiencing PPS (post-purchase stress) because it didn't want to come out of its shell not until it felt some warmth from the afternoon sun:

that's my hand right there!

P-nut is checking the crab out...

...and got curious about the camera

I gave Christian some sand and pointers on how to take care of his crabs properly (I hope the little runt listened, his eyes were glazing over halfway through my explanations). I also told Christian to name his crab, so he'd feel some sort of attachment and affinity towards it, and feel responsible for his own pet. 

If I were him I'd name it Appolonius (if it were male) or Appolonia (if it were female). Yes, I'm still hung up on "The Godfather".


  1. I admire the way you feel about pets --- in general. I have a dog too and we treat him like a person. Just doubly glad that you shared tips with the boy ^_^ that's cool.

  2. Thank you, Lyn :) It's nice to meet people who are involved in their pets as well :) I hope the crab survives, you know how children are, they will only love their pets until they get sawa :(

    Blog about your dog, I hope he/she can meet P-nut in the future :p

  3. Good god, that's a huge hermit crab! I didn't know they could grow that big. O_O I hate it when people sell wild animals as pets. I know that times are hard, but still. -_- I hope your neighbor takes care of him well, but I think he will after the advice you gave him. :)

  4. @Lauren: You should see the ones as big as tennis balls, now those are heart-breaking :(

  5. Oh no, I hope he really takes care of it. He's a kid, so that's a bit worrying. =/

    Also. Yes. That is a HUGE crab.

  6. OMG ang cute :D Good thing ur dog is not the typical dog that kills any creature except for dogs (my dogs are cat murderers >.<)

  7. @Maureen: My dog has his moments. In this particular photo session he was more curious about the crab, however he's very hostile towards cats and other dogs :p

  8. aww, per it's so cute when ur pets gather and not kill each other but either smell their butts or just play with each other :))