Monday, July 5, 2010

Review: Bare Naturals Eye Salve

It's official. Garnier's Brightening Eye Roll On burns by eyes, so I would not recommend it to people who are sensitive to some of its ingredients (synthetic caffeine perhaps?). 

So in my quest for an all-natural (locally-made and affordable) eye brightener, I chose the Bare Naturals Eye Salve:

An eye balm with anti-aging benefits:

Reduce dark circles, puffiness and signs of tiredness around the eyes. It gradually lightens dark undereyes without stinging effect of commercial eyecream with Olive oil, Jojoba Oil, Natural papain extract, Vitamin C and E. 
Price: Php 208/15g

I knew beforehand that I was purchasing a salve which means I was expecting it to be oily and maybe a bit tacky to apply (the ingredients alone are a dead giveaway). It arrived in a hygienic packaging with an inner lid, with the salve in a cool green color (I love green, tee-hee.)

Application: I use this mainly during my nightly skin care ritual. It is a solid gel so the heat of your fingers will help melt the salve a little to ease application. If you're having difficulty getting some salve, just do what I did: gently scrape off the "hardened" wax on top to reveal the gem of this little product -- a softer more pliable salve/wax that's easier to apply which means less pressure and tugging on the delicate skin around the eyes.

Consistency: A bit oily and emollient thus it is not easily absorbed into the skin. This is great as an overnight treatment because you'll wake up with really moisturized peepers. This is not recommended for day use because I cannot imagine having to apply makeup or concealer over this.

Scent: Smells like bothersome wax at first but when I scraped off the top layer, it smelled like the papain ingredient (or a mixture of the several other ingredients) which made it more tolerable.

Results: Well I've been using this for well over a month and I don't see any major changes except that my eye area is very moisturized. I think if the product is used religiously AND coupled with the proper hours of sleep it would have made a difference. Nonetheless I'll still continue to use this and update you guys. I hope the papain ingredient kicks in soon though.

The olive oil ingredient also helps nourish my upper and lower lashes. I feel (this may be just me) that my lashes are thicker and healthier.

This is how it looks like after a month of use (and after some light scraping):

I believe this little pot will last me a year, so it's very affordable at only Php 208 + shipping.

For more information and to purchase this product, visit the Bare Naturals website.


  1. OMG i user Garnier :( I dunno if it burns my eyes but I'm now worried waaaaaaah....

  2. Hi Lyn! This is just my experience, Garnier works for others though :)

  3. it burns my eyes too, but it works wonders on my eye puffiness. so never mind the burning sensation. hahaha.

  4. @AEC: Thanks for the comment! You're right, in my previous blog post I did rave about its ability to reduce puffiness. However I didn't want to suffer wrinkles in the long run from constant rubbing hence the decision to switch.