Thursday, July 1, 2010

The P99 special at TGIF

TGIF had a special today (June 30) because it's the inauguration and such. So with me craving for Chicken Fingers since last week, it was the perfect opportunity to give in and not spend so much..or so I thought.

Okay for the record I am NOT a yellow supporter. But this concerns my favorite dish so what the hell, I am totally taking advantage of this. Ha!

Well the original price is Php 295 which really isn't so bad and I would gladly pay for it. BUT! The markdown just made me realize how much they rip off from us loyal customers. Pffft.

Ze Chicken Fingerssss

Hmm....just pure heaven. I love the honey mustard sauce (we had 3 refills), 
the perfectly crisp fries and the juicy chicken fingers. 

And oh, our cutesy little waiter, Tope...

...and his sweet little note :)

Now before I forget:
 you owe me for dinner! Hmp!


  1. Mm, seriously love TGIF but I find it a little on the expensive side. This is an awesome deal, though! :D