Thursday, July 8, 2010

Meet Carmine.

I was grocery shopping today when I spotted the new Happy Hermits kiosk that opened on the lower ground level of SM San Lazaro. If you recall, Max came from Happy Hermits while PP came from Lucky Hermits and the others came from the province.

When I peeked into the hermit crab aquarium this afternoon, my heart went out to this medium-sized Strawberry (Perlatus) crab. *sigh* I still had so much love to give and so after much thought, I decided to purchase the last hermit crab on my list. And without batting an eyelash, I named it Carmine.

Coenobita perlatus (the "strawberry hermit crab") is one of the most exotic-looking species of land hermit crab to arrive in the U.S. Identifying them is a breeze, because their entire body is the color of a ripe strawberry and their eyes look like polished hematite beads.The eyes are a dead giveaway so if you think you do own a strawberry crab, check their eyes right away.

For all their beauty, strawberry crabs have gotten a bit of a reputation as "tank trashers." A group of active and determined strawberry crabs can totally destroy a well-ordered crabitat overnight! The strawberry crab's temperament is friendly enough but it is not a "runs in all directions at once" sort of crab (as in Gigantor's disposition). Carmine is actually pretty sweet like PP.

Strawberries are crabs with special needs. They need a crabitat with plenty of humidity and a constant temperature. They need a large saltwater pool and a whole lot of room to roam. Even experienced hermit crab lovers on the cutting edge of crab care have reported a lot of trouble with caring for strawberry crabs. These beauties are NOT RECOMMENDED FOR BEGINNERS.

Carmine came with a painted shell, which I hope it (I haven't checked the gender yet) will decide to grow out of soon. It is currently acclimating in the tank trying to socialize with the others.

Additionally, I also purchased new crab food -- coconut shavings -- which the crabs have been going gaga over! Guess which crab rushed to the food tray upon spotting the delicious coconut??

Medium-sized crabs at Happy Hermits cost Php 180
Crab food only Php 50/pack


  1. so me 'rock star' attitude (thrashing habitats) ang strawberry mo :) interesting, didn't know hermit crabs have personalities...

  2. Haha! They do, actually. Like dogs some are gregarious and active while some are shy, sweet and a select few are aggressive and enjoy bullying the other crabs :)

  3. I've been thinking about getting a hermit crab, but am afraid that I might not be able to take care of it since my work sched's a bit erratic :|

    Nice blog! :)

  4. Hi kookie kulasa! Thanks for the comment. Hermies are pretty easy and low maintenance pets, as long as you do your research first and provide them with a good home/crabitat. When you've got this covered, you can just leave them be in the tank :)