Sunday, July 18, 2010

Forever 21 in Manila

Warning: very picture heavy

My sister and I decided to once and for all visit Forever 21 before we leave the big bad city on Monday for a more relaxing vacation in the province. We both had some money to burn before our trip and so we trooped to Megamall one fine Saturday afternoon to see for ourselves what the hype was all about.

We arrived at 1:00 PM which was perfect because the store wasn't packed yet. Well for one thing, the other bloggers were correct, F21 was indeed HUGE! You'd prolly get lost in all this craziness. Check out the photos below (warning: silly people ahead!):

care for some shoes?

 tutus and flouncy skirts remind me of my days as a ballerina

Awww...would I eat your homework?

I love the pictures I took! I've got more but I'll post them to my Facebook album instead.

After my 2 hour stay at the store doing my rounds, I therefore conclude that F21 is the great equalizer --- anyone and everyone can have a piece of the pie without breaking the bank. Just this afternoon I saw different types of people shopping here and literally leaving with tons of stuff. You'd also feel instantly at ease especially since the shop girls are very nice and accommodating.

Prices are affordable and they do have an extensive selection from basic clothing to flouncy summer dresses and anything in between but honestly my sister and I were quite disappointed. It could be because we saw almost the same styles at F21 a few months back, or maybe because everyone else was eyeing the same items we were getting.

Initially we picked up several bags, necklaces, basic tees, sandals and dresses and were eager to take them home with us. When we saw other people getting the same accessories, shoes and dresses, we started dropping them one by one until we were left with only a few things. And then the terribly long lines just made us give up --- we then decided to just spend our money elsewhere. By that time it was almost 3:30 PM and the store was just teeming with people and getting too noisy (hello payday weekend!). That was our cue to leave.

And our money ended up in TRF Zara where we bought more Trafaluc items. Yes, Zara and Topshop still rocks our socks. Although admittedly, our shopping habits have changed as well. Over the years we've learned to ask ourselves: "Do I really need this? Will I be able to mix and match this [dress/necklace/bag/pair of shoes] with my current wardrobe staples?" Gone are the days when we'd snatch up something just cause it was cute or quirky. We're on the verge of maturing, I guess.

Well I can't say that our first trip to F21 has been a great experience. The sister and I however, decided we should visit F21 again soon in hopes that their new collections will dispel our initial disappointment.

What about you,  have you gone gaga over Forever 21? :)


  1. Wow, they still have long lines til now? I'd have thought they'd be operating like "normal" stores by this time. I'm planning to go back on Monday with some relatives in tow. I was there on the day it opened to the public and it was CRAZY. (also, we weren't allowed to take pictures. you're lucky!)

  2. Hi Alex! The lines to the register were long still but not crazy long like opening day. We don't have much patience for stuff like that haha. We promise to come back if only for the bags :)

  3. I went to Forever 21 and I came out of the store empty-handed and dazed, haha! It really is big inside. I didn't buy anything because although it's a good thing the items are affordable, that'd mean almost everyone will be in Forever 21 :|

  4. @kookie: I felt the same way too, although I buy F21 when I'm out of the country. I guess now that they're here it's not so special anymore :p Altho they do have nice stuff, but I haven't found anything that speaks to me yet..

  5. In my case Kira, I have to admit, I was never a fan of F21 even in the States. Sort of Charlotte Russe-ish - I have to dig to find something I like amidst the ruffles and florals and sequins. Though I haven't been to the F21 in Manila yet and am not in a rush to go. My sentiments exactly - everyone's going to be wearing it! But on a positive note, at least it gives fashion-loving Pinays more options!

  6. I haven't been there yet until now! :( but then again.. I used to order online... but now.. I feel like if I buy from F21, everyone's going to be having same stuff. :(

  7. @Anna: It's still best to try to go at least once. The place is huge and they have a great selection of clothes and accessoried so I'm sure you'll find something you'll like :) And if all else fails you can show Laz the hermit crabs downstairs :)

    @Mia: We can still be different via accessorizing and layering, and they have new stuff every 2 weeks naman ;)

  8. i want those floral booties! waaaah! i've been eying those online. hmmm... maybe i should visit f21 this week. really hoping that they still have those in my size though.

  9. Me too I only shop for accessories there--clothes, not so much. Did you see any hats sis? Whenever I'm there all I'm seeing are black fedoras!:)

  10. @Lloyda: You better go visit F21 right away if you want those booties, their stocks go really fast esp the really interesting pieces. Some of their footwear came in broken sizes already.

    @Aisa: I did see some hats! I plan to go back sometime next week to check out their new arrivals :)

  11. ooooh damn, love the shoes :D

    i should go check that out next time! :D

    i'm following you na :D