Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Etude House Dr. Oil Solution

Etude House has a relatively new line specifically designed to combat oil. Their Dr. Oil Solution line is made up of the following:

Dr. Oil Solution Anti-Shine Dual Primer (Php 498) - 2-step pore and moisture coverage primer that promotes makeup ready complexion and eliminates oily shine.

Dr. Oil Solution Anti-Shine BB Lotion (Php 498) - this BB lotion moisturizing coverage absorbs sebum to eliminate oily shine; gives a sheer expression powder for a natural look.

Dr. Oil Solution Anti-Shine Mist (Php 298) - a portable oil-control facial mist that supplies moisture and powder to subdue oily shine and preserve makeup integrity

I wanted to purchase all three items but settled for the BB lotion for its SPF 20 component and the fact that it was [slightly] tinted. After swatching it several times, I thought it would be good alternative to my HG Nu Skin tinted moisturizer.

What's nice about this line is that it is paraben-free, talc-free (save for the primer), oil-free and non-comedogenic. Check out the ingredients below:


Very lightweight formula. You know those moisturizers that claim they are "mattifying" but still feel heavy and a bit warm to the face? Well this isn't one of those! The BB lotion is very light and stays that way even hours after application. It turns powdery instantly so I imagine you can also use it as a base for liquid foundation or just top it off with powder.

Good oil control. Depending on how your oily your skin is, the ambient temperature or physical activity, this little product may be able to sop up shine for a good couple of hours. After which I'd have to blot my face with an oil clear film or let it be. Seriously, compared to the Skin Hour Mattifying Cream (click to read review) the Etude House BB lotion fares much better since it is oil-free.

Plus if you top it with a mattifying face powder like Maybelline's Clear Smooth (review to follow), you may be shine-free longer.

Brightening effect. I have NC30 skin and I welcome any kind of instant brightening though darker-skinned individuals may find the brightening effect bothersome as it may give out a whitish cast.

Mildly scented. Comes in a very faint non-irritating scent that dissipates upon application.

Contains SPF 20. SPF is always a plus right?

Sleek packaging.  I love the bottle and the simple no-frills design. The pump itself reminds me of my Nu Skin TM.


(inverted cap) this BB lotion has a very light nude beige tint
May leave a whitish cast. Again, for darker-skinned individuals this may be a negative. The BB lotion is somewhat tinted (a very light nude beige) however the tint actually turns whitish when applied. I would recommend extending the application to your neck and nape for even "coverage". Just give it a few minutes and it will blend right into your skin tone.

Zero coverage. If you have blemishes, heavy acne pimples, redness or dark circles, sadly this product is not for you because it will give you zero to sheer coverage. My Nu Skin TM though sheer already on its own, provides better coverage than this. I imagine you can also use a little bit of concealer here and there for added coverage, this is definitely not a product that you can use on its own.

Dr. Oil Solution BB Lotion applied to bare face (no powder)

I used the BB lotion only and topped with powder (taken under indoor lighting)
The first few times I used this, I thought it was a waste of money because it failed when compared to the Nu Skin TM. However after several more  uses, I realized that this is the kind of product that grows on you. Personally, I have grown to like this product because of its sheer and lightweight quality, the added oil control, SPF and the powdery matte finish. But of course other people may disagree with my decision. On days when I  need more coverage I still reach out for my Nu Skin TM, but on days when moisturizer + pressed powder will suffice, I use the Dr. Oil BB lotion.

What about you, have you tried anything from the Dr. Oil Solution line?
Care to share your favorite oil control product? I'd love to hear your thoughts :)

More info on Etude House here.


  1. Hi Kira! Great review :) I prefer my foundations/BB creams to have coverage though so I'll pass on this one :) The oil-control quality is so tempting pa naman! - Trace

  2. Hi Trace! Me too, I wanted this product to work so much because of its ability to minimize oiliness, sadly it only performs well when paired with the Maybelline Clear Smooth powder (which is mattifying and long wearing on its own). However it's a nice alternative to my daily sunblock gel :)

  3. Aww I would have liked to try this out, but the zero coverage and white cast is a no-no for me.

  4. Nope, I haven't tried their BB creams yet. Hmmm...but I'd like to see how this product controls oily skin :D

  5. This particular BB lotion does a pretty good job in the oil control department, plus it's not sticky even if you perspire. The only downside is it gives zero coverage. But you can top it off with foundation or concealer, which for me is too cumbersome o_0

  6. oooh... i really want to visit Etude one of these days :D

    thanks for the review :D

    i think the white cast is due to the SPF + flash photography

  7. Hi Geli! I encourage you to visit Etude House, they've got a lot of cheap makeup and skin care products. It's like being a kid in a candy store! And yes you're right, the white cast is due to the SPF (titanium dioxide) ingredient :)

  8. Yeah i agree, i think it's too cumbersome. I hate putting a lot of stuff on my face :(

  9. Do I spy you sitting on another White Hat branch? Ay wait, Cara Mia pala yan, haha! You got me deathly curious! Curious about the primer...yung BB lotion kasi, yun nga, usually may white cast (pero ako lang nakakapansin, I think..some people claim I look "glowing" when I use BB creams. Hindi kaya by glowing they mean pale?) and it's usually difficult to spread.

  10. I love Caramia Alex, esp the Tiramisu gelato. I have a better pic of me wearing the BB lotion, but it's on my friend's camera. Hey why dont we go to Etude House together? I'm curious about the primer too. The BB lotion's not difficult to spread naman, I can loan you mine if you want. Heehee...and yes, white cast = glowing skin sometimes :)

  11. Would like to know if this product is suitable for combination skin. Do I need use make up remover or can just clean my face with normal facial cleanser as I never apply any powder on my face.

  12. @Anonymous: Yet it is suitable for combination skin. Since you mentioned you dont use powder, I assume you have good skin so lucky you! Bear in mind that this product does not offer any sort of coverage whatsoever.

    You can use just Cetaphil or your regular facial wash, you don't need a makeup remover unless you top this with foundation.

    Let me know how it works for you :)