Monday, July 12, 2010

Dinner with the girls of POC

The quaint vintage feel of Mile-Hi Diner was the perfect setting for a quiet [long overdue] dinner with the wonderful girls behind thePOC's Fashion & Beauty channel. I have been writing for several months already and have only met Liz and Lauren so far.

Mile-Hi sort of reminds me of DC Diner in Streetlife way back in the day, and I'm sure the boyfriend would agree. Yes, us twenty-somethings miss the 90s. The boyfriend is more of a burger and fries kind of guy, while I prefer red meat, potatoes and rice and so I think the extensive selection in this joint will make us very happy. Currently making mental note to bring Mark here on his birthday :D

Anyway, I digress. So by virtue of our editor Liz on one particularly cool Saturday night, Lauren, Mara, Alex, Gem, Lyn, Tanya, Tita Noemi and I decided to meet up, throw all our diets out the window and just chomp on high calorie, sodium-filled food. And yes, it made us very happy.

First up, my sizzling Salpicao bathing in olive oil:

My favorite Salpicao dish (evaaaah!) is from Nina, formerly located at The Podium, and much to 
my dismay closed down a few years after. Such sadness.

And here are the much awaited pictures of the pretty POC ladies:

 Gem, Liz, Mara, Lyn, Alex, Kira (that's me duh) & Tanya

Tita Noemi & Lauren

Liz, our editor (ruffled skirt from Zara)

comfy wedges from Shoebox

I had to ask Liz to bend her knees a little so she wouldn't tower over me :p

What I wore:
Grey cardi from Cotton On
Romper (tucked in) from Chill
Skirt from Space
Lace-up sandals from Pill Footwear
 Mad Hatter Necklace from Maisie

*some photos grabbed from Lauren and Liz


  1. We should all have dinner together at least once a month! :D

  2. You look great Kira! Oh, for yummy salpicao, you have to try the salpicao in Dolcelatte, right along Quezon Avenue, beside that giant bookstore (C&E Information and Resource Center), and ask them to serve it with mashed potatoes, not rice - masmasarap! Dolcelatte is right before the corner of Q Ave before you turn right to Edsa!

    P.S. try also their opera slice cake! My favorite cake. One of the few restaurants in Manila that still serves it!

  3. @Anna: Gasp! DolceLatte is a foodie place?? I thought it was just a cafe...and to think I pass by that area everytime (it's so near the boyfriend's place). I'll definitely check it out this weekend :) And oh, I shall be posting the new necklaces when I get back from my vacation next week :)

  4. Yay! Can I borrow one of our group pics for my blog entry? Love how each and everyone of us has a distinct look :)

  5. Of course, Mara, grab away! We have to push for Cafe Med for our next dinner get-together. hee-hee.