Saturday, July 3, 2010

Crab Alert: Gigantor Molts!

Hooray! Let me tell you about Gigantor who successfully molted for the first time last night. He has been burrowing and resurfacing nonstop for the past week (more than the usual), and I became really excited because that would mean molting is in his near future.

Compared to all my other critters, Gigantor took the longest time to prepare to the point that I would feel  really impatient and anxious: "What if the substrate is not moist enough? Are the conditions perfect for molting? What if he molts overnight and one of the large crabs eat him in all his naked glory?" You know, the usual crab enthusiast questions.

Anyway, I also noticed that Gigantor (as well as the other crabs except PP), would burrow themselves halfway and would stay that way for several minutes. I don't know why, but I noticed that since June rolled in they've been doing that pretty regularly.

This is what I meant:

 He looks like he's checking out the sand or airing out his shell
Well anyway, finally after a few days/weeks of burrowing and resurfacing, Gigantor finally molted last night:

And of course, ye old exoskeleton:

Only Hercules left! He should be molting pretty soon :)


  1. Ahihihi. Silly gigantor! Silly kira!!! am still loving your crabbie updates!

  2. Awww...thanks :) Some readers say they are weirded out when I post crab updates, hence they skip reading it. I bet they're not huge pet lovers, boo.