Thursday, July 8, 2010

The BEST beauty product purchase of 2009

It's a bit late since it's halfway through 2010, but I'd like to share with you the best beauty item I've purchased in 2009. Dun-dun-dun!

It's the Magic Hair Removal Wand that I purchased April of last year. I really didn't think much of it when I first got it, but over time I've seen the convenience and value of having such a nifty tool at home. No more trips to the salon for upper lip threading :)

What is the Magic Hair Removal Wand?

It's a small tool with a tightly coiled spring that you can use to remove unwanted hair on your face (upper lips, chin, cheeks, etc.) anytime, anywhere. It is easy and almost painless, if you're used to threading then you'll certainly enjoy using this.

  • is environment-friendly and reusable
  • does not require any batteries
  • does not require heating
  • does not require power charging
And the best part is: you can literally use it ANYTIME -- no need to wait for hair to grow a certain length to use it!

I got it on sale at P190 + shipping (it has since increased to Php 240 + shipping this year), definitely cheaper than Epicare (Php 1,600) which is what Beauty Bar carries, but it basically functions the same way. I used to have my upper lip threaded at Lay Bare for only Php 100/session, but having this little product saves me time and money because I don't have to travel to the salon anymore, plus I can use it whenever I want to.

So how do you use it?

- bend the spring into an inverted “U"
- place it against the area on the face where hair is found
- rotate the wand in an inward and outward motion.

You'll see the hairs stuck to the coils (you may need to repeat several times for finer hair):

Check out the video below to know how to effortlessly remove facial ware with the Magic Hair Removal Wand (borrowed from Epicare).

I suggest you use this after you've cleansed your face and made sure that you have no trace of oil or sebum left. After using, gently apply your favorite toner to close your pores. And voila! No hair :D

Pretty cool huh? Now that's another beauty secret right there :)

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  1. Gasp! Great tip, Kira!!! Salamat again! This is so handy. I have a friend all the way in Tacloban who keeps complaining about her upper lip fuzz hahaha. Maregalo nga!

  2. Ooh, I've always wanted to try this one. Never really tried upper lip threading though (kind of wary about the hair growing thicker over time). Does it hurt?

  3. @Anna: it's really good, esp if you're tamad to go to the salon every few weeks or so to have your upper lips threaded. Your friend will love this for sure :)

    @Mara: It tingles, like pins & needles especially if it's your first time, but you'll get used to it. I have fine hair on my upper lip so the feeling is tolerable, I don't know how it would feel for women with thicker hair.

    And no, hair does not grow back thicker because it is being pulled out by the root. Hope this helps :)

  4. Isn't this just like threading?

    1. Hi! Yes you can liken it to threading as it pulls the hair out by the root. For me it's a cheaper and more convenient alternative as I can do it at home, as often as I want :)