Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ukay Saturday

I don't know, I just felt a sudden urge to have Cafe Bola and go ukay. Needless to say the only place to go was Cubao. So off we went one humid afternoon to Fashion Delight, after having merienda at Cafe Bola and chatting with my favorite waiter.

The last time I've been here was early this year (I think around February), and the only thing I want now is a summer chiffon dress for my upcoming Dakak trip. So anyway, just to share with you dem dresses I found at the ukay store today:

A pretty polka dotted dress with tiny pompoms, lace and a ruffled hem. It was a dress size too big for me so I hid it pretty good amongst the other clothes. So if you find it, lucky you! :p

Hello strawberries!

On the left: a nautical silk dress complete with an anchor brooch. What a cutie! Pay no attention to the mannequin on the right, it's sorta "R-rated" LOL.

And I found a pretty nice chiffon dress that was [almost] brand new! The garters were still perfectly elastic, no rips or loose threads either. And best of all, it fit me perfectly!

I tried it on again when I got home and used my People Are People braided belt (wrapped around thrice) to cinch my waist. It's so comfy, and to think the dress only cost me Php 200 :)

And another interesting find:

Don't you just love this skirt from Zara? :D


  1. THIS close to trying ukay, from reading your blog and all these other ukay bloggers. Plus my sister loves ukay too. Where in Cubao is Fashion Delight ba, Kira?

  2. The dress looks pretty on you! Love the belt as accent, too :)

  3. @Mara: Thank you!! :D

    @Anna: You should go ukay at least once in your lifetime. tee-hee. Once you get to Gateway Mall, pass by National Bookstore, Fashion Delight is just around that corner. It's a pretty huge ukay store, first-timers usually feel overwhelmed. I would advice to devote a full afternoon to just going through their racks of clothing.

    I hope you find something spectacular on your first ukay trip :D

  4. i should go visit Fashion Delight .... love ukay ;p

  5. @Tita Dits: You should! Nakakaloka lang kasi ang laki ng store! Tish doesn't stay long, she usually leaves me there. She can't stand the ukay smell :p

  6. I've tried! In Baguio before! Super haul! But I ended up not wearing half of what I bought and got tamad na to do it again after that. Years after, I am ready haha. Am noting down your reply here para I know where to go! Thanks, Kira!