Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I saw my sister grabbing a handful of these at our last trip to National Bookstore and got curious. What are these brown ballpens she's been hoarding? Until I saw them up close and then I realized I had to get some for myself too!

Treehuggers are recycled ballpens and pencils, a project made in partnership with the Haribon Foundation. For every Treehugger pen you buy, you are making a difference by restoring our indigenous flora one tree at a time.

The world needs saving, I'm doing my part. 
95% earth-friendly

The ballpens are for the purist at heart -- simple, no-nonsense and made of sturdy recycled cardboard (I don't know if the plastic parts are recycled too). The ballpens are refillable and cost only P20! Can you hear me out there? It's only P20 and for every purchase you help Haribon plant more trees. C'mon guys, it can't get any easier than that. This is a great way to start recycling or getting your kids involved in the environment.
This project is in line with Haribon's Million Hectare Walk program which aims to raise awareness and resources for the Rainforestation Organizations and Advocates to 2020 (ROAD to 2020), an environmental conservation movement to restore one million hectares of our rainforests using native tree species by year 2020. The goal is to reach 1,000,000 hectares by year 2020, and currently we are at 278.63 hectares. So we have a loooong way to go, basically.

Coincidentally, while browsing through Haribon's website I saw their Adopt-a-seedling program aptly named Give a Gift Tree. Instead of giving your relatives and loved ones the usual store-bought gift, why not consider giving them a gift to plant native trees? For only P100 you receive a commitment from Haribon to plant 1 native tree plus you are entitled to 1 Animalaya card/certificate.

For only PhP100/seedling, you can support the Haribon forest restoration activities in Caliraya Watershed in Laguna and denuded forests around the country. You are even welcome to plant your seedlings with them. Pretty cool huh? You can place your orders here.

Treehuggers ballpens and pencils are available at all National Bookstore outlets. Ask for them if you don't see them displayed at the ballpen section :)


  1. oh my gad that is so cute! another great tip, Kira!!! salamat muli!

    (oy you haven't been doing any new pendants for Earthly Delights recently noh?)

  2. Hey Anna, we're making new ones as we speak, hopefully we'll have enough for delivery to Analog Soul and for posting online :D

  3. Nice! I hope the National Bookstore I always go to has this.. :)

  4. Hi Mia! I hope so too. So far, I've been to Cubao and Trinoma and they both have stocks. This is how the display looks like - :)

  5. can you make a planner? most ecofriendly planners available on market are not so colorful :)

  6. Hello anonymous! We did release limited edition handmade/handcrafted planners for 2009 and 2010 for my online shop at Earthly Delights. We might create some again soon :)

  7. Hey Kira! :) Where can I have these refilled?

  8. Hi Julia! As far as I know National does not sell the refills. You may have to purchase a new Treehugger ballpen :)

  9. Hi Kira!

    Yes! The plastic is also made of recyclable materials... They are made out of corn-based plastic!