Monday, June 28, 2010

Sizzling Pepper Steak and Shoe Shopping

I was basically craving for Pepper Lunch yesterday, and well, I may have left my brain at home because I inadvertently brought my sister and the boyfriend to Sizzling Pepper Steak in Trinoma. Doi. Usually we eat at Mann Hann, but today it had to be Sizzling Pepper Steak and cakes from Conti's.

the boyfriend obviously does not look happy with his Beef Pepper Steak :p

 the infamous Mango Bravo cake

Mocha Vienna cake

And the shoe shopping part...the goal of the day was to find (tan/brown) cage sandals that mimicked the pair we saw at Zara (P2,999) but way cheaper. Our last stop was the Landmark Dept. Store which has oodles of shoes and sandals (we did check out SM's Parisian collection but they were too big for our dainty feet and we didn't like the platform styles).

Such a steal for only P1,199! :)


  1. i love pepper lunch :)

  2. Hey Kira,

    Where's the second shoe from? I'd love to have that1 :D

  3. @Cat: I know! Pepper Lunch is so much better, pero I spaced out and ended up at SPS. Pfft.. Hey when are we hanging out???

    @Mara: The shoes are all from Landmark Trinoma (2nd floor), they're all below P1,300. Sorry I really cannot remember the brand because we tried on several. The one we got was from Sugus :)

  4. whee tan shoes! i badly need tan shoes right now because i need to pair them with a dress i am going to wear later to two events. wah!

  5. You are such a busybee liz, haha :D

  6. busy-busyhan! hahahaha. those shoes look great btw, i forgot to say. i like landmark, theyve got so many cheap stuff thats actually not too bad in terms of quality!

  7. Thanks Liz! You know I troll your site all the time, I miss your wardrobe diaries :)

    Busy-busyhan equals more money/opportunities so I can't blame ya :)

  8. i love your shoes! ^O^ you look great!

    the food reminds me of my friends~ boing, (shut up Geli).

  9. ahahhahahahaha! very confusing names kasi! hehehe

    love the shoes ah! :) thanks!