Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Review: Nu Skin Tinted Moisturizer in Honey

I've always heard good things about Nu Skin, but haven't really gone around to purchasing their stuff because of the ridiculously high prices. But then I got this good tip from Alex to try out their tinted moisturizer. So after meeting with Alec Dy and testing out the sampler they gave me, I decided to purchase a full-sized one at a discount (--price withheld haha). I'd like to thank Alec Dy and Jem Bayot for the discount, because the original price was a whopping Php 1,728 for a measly 40ml. 

(This better be worth it, Alex. I keed, I keed :D)

Naturally sheer color. Mirror and reflect your natural skin tone with Skin Beneficial Tinted Moisturizer. This lightweight tinted moisturizer uses microprism powders to impart an even, healthy glow. While highlighting your true color, it also delivers skin-beneficial vitamins A and E, oil-free moisture, and SPF 15 to help prevent environmental damage. It is transfer-resistant, long-wearing, talc-free and petroleum-free
I chose the "Honey" shade because it's a better match to my skin tone. I am slightly disappointed that the international Nu Skin website offers 4 shades while the Philippine site offers only 2. Nu Skin if you are reading this, how could you categorize the whole Philippine population into only 2 shades?!

Moving on, the consistency of this product is very thin and might be drying for some. Personally even with my combi skin, I still slap on a lightweight gel moisturizer (either a sunblock gel or Celeteque's water-based gel moisturizer) prior to application because it can get really drying at times. The thin, watery fluid consistency also means that it dries fast so you have to apply a little at a time, blending well so you don't end up with streaks.

Also if I don't use anything before I spread it on, I feel pins and needles on my face after I sweat. But that's just me. If you're using the Nu Skin TM as well, I'd love to hear your thoughts on it :)

In terms of coverage, it does a better job than Balm Shelter and stays color true the whole day. It is transfer-resistant so you can wear this with your crisp white cotton top without worry and (I cannot stress this enough) it is very, very lightweight which is perfect for our weather. And just when it can't get any better, this product also helps minimize oil and has SPF 15. Yay right? So its performance is well worth the hefty price tag. On the downside, it does have a strong [chemical] sunblock scent.

Plus points: The box is sealed shut both ways so you're assured that the product is brand new. The pump bottle also features a "lock" that prevents accidental pressing of the pump.

See how the Nu Skin disappears into my skin? As of writing I am looking at the patch of skin where I applied it in the photo and it has blended well into my forearm. As always, it would be best to use a light dusting of powder just to set it.

Remember my post on Trafaluc? I used Nu Skin's TM that day and is how it looks like with indoor lighting:

I just used my Naite cellphone which as you all know just has a very basic camera. Pfft. But the coverage looks pretty good right? :)

So what about you, any other good tinted moisturizers you'd like to share/recommend?

You know what I'm lemming right now? Korres' Natural Watermelon tinted moisturizer! I'd totally flip when this comes to the Philippines. I've read online that the texture and finish is similar to Nu Skin's but the clincher is: it contains all natural ingredients! *Kira faints*

To order contact Alec Dy at 0917.8464848 or Jem Bayot at 0927-7246878


  1. Natatawa ako sa last line mo! Hahaha. I hope they bring Korres too, I wanna try the lip balms.

    Interesting product, this NuSkin, but currently I have too many tinted moisturizers! It looks gorgeous on you though, like you've got perfect glowing skin. Not to say that you don't already, but NuSkin did a good job improving what you've already got. I can see why Alex is a fan as well!

  2. Apparently, I'm greasier than you are since this doesn't dry up on me at all! Haha! Plus it lasted me a whole year. It looks great on you btw (and I'm not just saying this because you scared me with 'this better be worth it' hahahahaha!).

    But I'm curious about Korres now since you said two magic words: natural ingredients. xD

  3. @Liz: Wow thanks, that means a lot :) It's not perfect but it's the best one I've tried so far. How does it feel to be swimming in products? Do you get confused as to what you'll use for a particular day or event?

    @Alex: The slight dryness may have something to do with me using a toner after cleansing, that's why I need to use a light moisturizer prior to Nu Skin.

    Btw, in your last post you were wearing a playsuit/romper (or was is a dress)? I just purchased one and failed to take into consideration how I intend to pee in those things. Har har.

  4. @Kira how does it feel? Fun and horrible at the same time. Fun because I love trying out new things, horrible when these new things involve facial care. I tend to break out easily lately so I'm super careful about what I put in my face.

    As long as it's makeup, clothes, or shoes though I'm happy! Yun nga lang, I barely have time to take pictures of stuff because there are so many new things. Eh siyempre, before I can use anything, I have to take pics first. I'm OC about pics pa naman.

    I don't get confused about what to wear cos it's not often that I get makeup or clothes. I get more skincare!

    Marco's irritated at me already, haha. He has less space for his stuff. I try to give away as much as possible.

  5. Here's a good idea: GIVE THEM TO MEEE!! Mwahahaha! Oh and since Alex can read our exchange, give some to Alex na din. LOL :p

  6. It was a dress! A really short one so I had shorts underneath, haha. I suppose if it's a romper you just..take it all off! xD

  7. I have way too many tinted moisturizes and BB creams, but I still want to try this one!

    How can we mere mortals get ahold of it? :D (Is it available in malls?)

  8. Hi Lizz! You can contact Alec Dy at 0917.8464848 or Jem Bayot at 0927-7246878, it's not available in malls for swatching however you can also visit their walk-in offices here:

    26th Floor Trafalgar Plaza Bldg., H.V. dela Costa St.
    Salcedo Village, Makati City, Philippines 1200
    Telephone: +632.811.8248 / Telefax: +632.811.8249

    and here:

    15th Floor Octagon Centre, 41 San Miguel Avenue
    Pasig City, Philippines 1605
    Telephone: +632.689.0375 / Fax: +632.689.0399

    Hope it works for you :D

  9. Hi Kira, good thing you used it, it looks really nice with the nu skin TM! Why don't also use their skin care products? it's really good! I might say it's really expensive kasi they focus on anti-aging and everything about the skin. So kahit mahal siya sulit naman sa effect na ganda ng skin di ba? For those who are interested with Nu Skin, you can contact me also. I tried a lot of Nu Skin products and it really works anytime! my email is! Goodluck KIRA! :)

  10. @Diane: Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog :) I'm open to trying other Nu Skin products, but the thing is my skin is doing so well with my current skin care regimen. I'll contact you when I need to repurchase another terrific bottle of your tinted moisturizer :)

  11. I've gone through product trainings in Nu Skin. Don't rely to much on it as a moisturizer, you gotta have a regular moisturizer aside from this one.

  12. for skin types, i recommend:

    AM - moisture restore day protective lotion with spf 15 for both oily to combination and normal to dry skins

    PM - enhancer gel for oily to combination
    - napca moisturizer or the night supply cream for normal to dry skin

  13. Hi, I'm Selling NU Skin products. If you want to own this Skin Beneficial Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15, you can contact me through text 09178972764 :) This is sooo worth it!