Saturday, June 26, 2010

Review: Balm Shelter Tinted Moisturizer in Light

I've been putting off writing about the tinted moisturizers (no that "S" is not a typo, I cheated -- I got two!) from the short list I posted a while back, because I knew it was going to be another lengthy review. I've been putting off a lot of reviews lately and been concentrating on my articles (trying to be a responsible adult here), anticipating the -ber months by making more items and delivering them to stores (the people over at Analog Soul will keel meeee) and trying to remain apathetic to news (the last one is the hardest so far).

Anyway, I've to get these off my chest so here's my review on one of the two tinted moisturizers that I am currently using:

Balm Shelter Tinted Moisturizer SPF 18 - Php 975

This is a good affordable tinted moisturizer at only P975/2.25 oz (that's roughly 75g of product!). It comes in Light, Light-Medium and Medium only, and I know I mentioned previously that I couldn't find any variant in "Light" even after visiting several Beauty Bar outlets. BUT! When I got to an outlet in Galleria, I was surprised to find the last of the "Light" shades available sitting on the counter. So needless to say, I grabbed the opportunity and bought it right then and there.

Key ingredients include: 
  • Allantoin - added to heal, moisturize, soothe, acting as an anti-irritating and non-toxic agent. It is a valuable cell-proliferating healing ingredient which stimulates healthy tissue formation and will improve skin over time with daily use. 
  • Hexyl Laurate - to help maintain smooth, soft pliable skin, so skin stays hydrated. 
  • Octinoxate and Octisalate - to work as a safe and effective UV-B absorber. 
  • Avobenzone - to provide a broad-spectrum UV-A protection when combined with Octinoxate and Octisalate.
Plus points: The product expires 24 months after opening, and it is sealed to ensure that the product you are buying has not been tested nor tampered with.

If you've ever wondered how Myra Vitaglow would fare sans the glitters, then you've got to try the Balm Shelter tinted moisturizer. Balm Shelter moisturizes pretty well without feeling tacky and imparts a semi-matte finish when applied, very similar to Myra's consistency. I have combination skin and using this does not aggravate my oilies, it also does not control shine on the t-zone either (it does not advertise itself as an oil-control TM anyway). In two hours (even in relatively cool weather) I'd have to blot my t-zone which is usually how long it takes for my skin to get oily with regular moisturizer.

shade swatches (Nu Skin review to follow)

It gives sheer lightweight coverage evening out my skin tone well. The "Light" shade is a good match to my skin, though I could also get a way with a much lighter shade because my skin tends to be acidic. From the swatches above, it shows that Myra is the lightest (a yellowish beige), Balm Shelter is has a little more orange to it, while Nu Skin is just the right shade of light beige (lighter than Balm Shelter but not quite as yellow as Myra).

Due to its creamy/hydrating formula it is easy to blend, you won't get any streaks with this baby. This is a good TM for daily use like if I'm doing errands for the day (grocery shopping, going to the bank, etc.) or just staying at home (our house has large windows all over so there is hardly an opportunity to shun from sunlight). Since I mentioned it is sheer, it is expected that it will not hide blemishes or dark circles well. It would also help to set it with loose/pressed powder or powder foundation (whichever you prefer) to help absorb oilies.

Remember my post about taking P-nut out for an exercise? Well, I used Balm Shelter on my face when this was taken:

Verdict: This is a good TM to use if you need only sheer coverage + a good level of sun protection. This product has a very mild (almost unnoticeable) sunscreen scent and it goes on as smooth as buttah. I'd recommend it to women who are looking for a hydrating tinted moisturizer that's affordable and skin-friendly.

Next up, the Nu Skin review...


  1. Very interesting! Will definitely check this one out as I'm a fan of TMs. :D

  2. Hi Alex! My Nu Skin review is coming up soon (it's in my drafts na). Nu Skin is pretty good naman, why do you need to try out other brands? I wish someone would come up with an organic or all natural TM with good coverage, something like Korres. I'd totally flip over that :)

  3. Very helpful, Kira!!! I am pretty loyal to Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizer. Now THAT's very sheer, with just enough coverage too. But I'm always on the look out for other (and cheaper!) options! Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizer retails at almost 2k but it lasts forever and super sulit talaga! (I checked your short list too!).

  4. @Anna:'re using Laura Mercier pala! You should write about it. I'm curious e. If it came in a smaller tube (and cheaper price) I'd try it out. It's got good reviews online, but I'm not sure how it would fare on my combi skin.