Friday, June 18, 2010

P-nut's Morning Walk

I decided to take P-nut for a walk outside our house this morning. We had just finished our yearly blood chem exam at Hi-Precision Diagnostics, so while I was still dressed I might as well make good use of my time and take P-nut out for exercise.

I used to take P-nut for long walks at Congressional Village and at Mark's house in Marikina, but stopped when I got too busy. This day was perfect for walking cos it was still early and it wasn't so hot yet. P-nut clearly missed the adventure:

P-nut just turned 7 years old last May 23, he is now what we call a SENIOR! He looks so muscled and fit, don't you think?

 And that's my silly mother waiting for us to finish ("Kira pasok na ang init e!") Haha!

If you remember, my Mom got burned about 3 years ago. 
Her arm is healing nicely tho, thanks to Dr. Acosta of Makati Med :)

Wearing: my fave Dr. Seuss shirt
On my face: tinted moisturizer and powder 


  1. HI P-NUT!!!

    The H had a dog named Peanut too! =D

  2. Karrots! I miss yoooouuuu!!! Is your doggie (I'm refraining from saying "Is your peanut....") a chihuahua too? And is he bossy like mine? :p