Monday, June 28, 2010

Don P-nut, The Dogfather

Lunch at the Ramirez residence one humid Sunday afternoon...

Don P-nut (Lord of the evil Chihuahua underworld) full from eating kibble, 
plops on my lap and starts discussing the terms of his inheritance with my Mom.

P-nut:  I want to receive half of the inheritance of my human plus ownership of the ancestral house. 
Mom: Over my dead body! The house goes to my dog (your niece), Missy.

 P-nut attempts to stand up, growling at the said remark . 

P-nut: I will not allow it! I am the first born therefore I get first dibs!
Mom: Not by hair of my chinny chin-chin.

P-nut: Fine, fine. I shall settle for the first floor then, as long as you supply me with my favorite Eukanuba kibble. And an endless supply of Denta-bones, plus a massage every week and a walk around the neighborhood whenever I please. Or else you shall suffer the consequences.... MINIONS!!!

Mom (exasperated with matching eye roll): Fine, fine. Agreed. Now go back to your kennel, it's starting to smell like dog in here.

PS: P-nut's stance has not been altered by his human in any way. He really sat like that the whole time.


  1. Hahaha! so funny! =D

  2. if you weren't smiling i might have believed the story ...whahahahaha ;p ..enjoyed the skit

  3. Tita Dits! It's hard not to laugh/smile. Ayaw ni P-nut umalis e, gusto umakyat sa table :p

  4. I love dogs :) I have one at home and I believe he thinks he's the Lord of the House :D whenever he pisses every nook n cranny...

  5. @Lynx: Hi there! Thanks for the comment. I think P-nut totally feels the same way :)