Saturday, June 5, 2010

Crab Alert: Max molts for the 2nd time!

Just a quick update on my hermit crab's 2nd molting, Maximus. He molted for the 2nd time on June 2.

I was doing the usual roll calls when I noticed Max was missing and so tried to "feel" him while digging around the crabitat until eventually I dug him up here...

I had totally forgotten that it has been 4 months since he last molted (small crabs usually molt every 2-4 months), while the big ones just molt approximately once per year.

This is his old exoskeleton

And this is the new Max! I transferred him to the ISO tank right away so he can recuperate in peace. Currently he got grayish color back, and he shall be ready to rejoin the rest of the crabs next week :)


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