Tuesday, June 15, 2010

All dogs go to heaven - Brando: 2003 - 2010

Let us take a moment and bid farewell to Brando, Paolo's Basset Hound, who passed away this morning. He was P-nut's arch nemesis (aside from Courage the Doberman from next door).

Boy I've always been terrified of "Brandog", even though I found him cute. Whenever he sees me (or anyone for that matter), he'd run like there's no tomorrow and then pounce on me afterwards. Considering my small frame, pouncing was not an option. Many times I'd fall back because Brando was just huge...and slobbery.

P-nut, being the "alpha" dog that he is, considered Brando his arch nemesis. When they were both teeny puppies, Brando peered into our doorway and the Chihuahuas immediately retaliated by biting his nose. Brando only looked at them, oblivious to their barks and bites. Apparently he just wanted some dogs to play with. 

I know he is in a better place now, filled with doggie treats and an endless supply of kibble. And so Brando, we hope you're having fun chasing all the chickens in heaven (he likes chickens), and playing with your new found friends. We will miss you!


  1. Thanks Kira for the beautiful write-up ... we truly will miss him! Been teary-eyed the whole day...thank you so much!

  2. Tita Dits! You know what, Brandog was howling di ba for a few weeks na. Kakatakot. I first thought that he wanted to mate Zilla kaya sya sad. Naisip ko now baka sad sya kasi masakit tummy nya :(