Sunday, May 9, 2010

Thank You!

Got a little emotional last Friday before I left the house to attend the Miting de Avance, I had to let it out in the bathroom. It was totally unexpected. Turns out some friends-slash-volunteers also caught the emotional bug. Everything for me (us) was so overwhelming -- we were, in all honesty, very, very happy to support such an admirable leader and his positive campaign and to have so many people join us in our journey.

I'd like to believe that each of us has experienced this overwhelming feeling of passion even once in our lives -- that feeling of tremendous joy, humility and sheer pride. It's hard to explain. We're just really, really happy.

As I've said before, win or lose I'm very happy with the path I have chosen. For the first time in my ego-centric life, I am genuinely happy to be passionately involved in something bigger than myself.

Thank you Green Team, G Force, G Squad and most especially Mahal Ko Bayan Ko (my second family) for this wonderful experience. Victory is ours!


  1. hello kira, it's good that you are enjoying what you are doing :)

    ako pala yung langga_joanne sa twitter mo:)

    and ako yung torn between noy2 and g1bo :) hehehe

  2. Hi Joanne! Thank you for reading my blog. And I hope come election day you'll make the right decision :) God bless!

  3. hi kira! just dropping by your blog. i love the fact that we both believe in the potential of Gibo. I wish i could at least took time an participate in his campaign.

  4. Hello there Katerina!

    Thank you for dropping by :) It's always very nice to meet fellow Gibo supporters. I love your pic wearing the Gibo baller!

    Yes, we were hoping that Filipinos would recognize the brilliant mind that is Gibo. However as proven in this election, maybe he is too advanced for his time. We are hoping though that he's consider running again next time. He's much too valuable to be staying in the sidelines :)