Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Message from Gibo Teodoro

Maraming salamat sa inyong tulong, pawis, tiyaga, pakikisama sa ating nilakbay para sa bagong pulitika na ating itinaguyod sa malinis at marangal na pamamaraan.

Hindi man tayo nagwagi ngayon, hindi dahil hindi tama ang ating ginawa, kundi hindi pa marahil napapanahon sa isip at puso ng Pilipino ang ating ihinahain sa kanuilang kabutihan.

Salamat muli at sana magsama-sama tayo muli sa hinaharap. Kasihan nawa tayong lahat ng Diyos!

- Gibo Teodoro  
(via text message)


  1. aaaaawwww :( the best president we almost had

  2. Marga!!!!

    Ish, Tony and I (and I'm sure others as well) were very emotional during the counting of votes and upon seeing the results on TV/Twitter. All of us have worked passionately hard for this campaign, and being first-timers at that, Gibo has inspired us to believe in the system and make a difference. We are very proud and happy to have supported such a great and admirable leader.

    We were however disappointed and frustrated that Filipinos did not see what we saw in Gibo.

    But well, life goes on. Our journey will continue, I believe that Gibo has given us a glimmer of hope and that we will see him again. His time will come :)

    I'm glad to have met you guys, these are the memories I shall forever cherish (and I'm sure you will too. Yihee. LOL) :)

  3. Ako kaya. Sa Lakas office pa lang umiiyak na ako.

    He came ahead of his time. And we're blessed to have been witnesses and supporters of this man from the future.

  4. Waaah!!! In essence, ilang beses na ako umiyak, May 1 pa lang.

    Overwhelming ang support talaga for Gibo, I was very surprised and pleased with myself for going all out and campaigning without the support of other family members. I don't think I can or will campaign as hard for any other candidate in the future.