Monday, May 31, 2010

I Have Found...The Pill

Finally. I bought myself a pair of uber functional yet uber stylish lace up cage flats from Pill Footwear today. I saw these babies last April, and I vowed to come back for them soon. Well, soon turned out to be a month and a half later, but still, I was able to grab the last pair (SIZE 5) at The Ramp, Shangri-la today.


Pill Footwear is from the makers of Fashion Pill, and I can't believe it took me this long to actually buy a pair of their affordably-priced, size 5 (very important!) footwear, when I've been trolling their Multiply site for years now.

So now I can switch between Aldo and Pill whenever I need new shoes/sandals (and speaking of which, I did see some pretty nice pair of sandals over at Aldo today, for a whopping Php 2,600+. Tsk, tsk.)

The Unity flats were even on 20% sale today so I got them for a mere Php 712 (from the initial price of Php 890)! Whoopee!

Sometimes it pains me that I have size 5 feet. My boyfriend loves my feet, but it's hard shopping for petite footwear in this ever growing world. - Kira


  1. Great find! I should really invest in flats. Most of my shoes are killer heels or at least people are always saying they should be licensed. =/

  2. Thanks :) I have to get used to heels naman, because I've been accustomed to flats ever since. It's a bit difficult to find good shoes for small feet.

  3. Is the material any good? I'm always iffy about buying shoes from unknow brands.

  4. Wow Mara, you're on a roll! Nice to hear from you again :) Pill has been around for years on Multiply, but this would be my first Pill purchase. I share your sentiments, too! Yup, their material's pretty good :)

  5. Lol, sorry to spam your blog at this ungodly hour.

    Thanks for the recs! I'll check this brand when I get the time :D